What Makes a Good Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essays apply a series of techniques

A persuasive essay (also known as the argument essay) uses logic and reason to demonstrate that one idea (the writer’s) is more valid than another. By using a series of procedures and writing techniques, when you are working on persuasive essays you try to persuade the reader to adopt the same point of view you are expressing or even taking an action based on the reading. The purpose is almost the same as advertising, even when in the last one, the action is always the same: buy.
But in order to write a good essay of this kind, you should consider supporting your argument with valid reasons, using facts, examples and experts quotation to prove you right. You need to follow a good essay sample in order to write a good essay

Choosing a topic

When writing persuasive essays, you should choose a topic which must be debatable: no one can write a persuasive essay about the rotation of the Earth, since there are no doubts about it. Controversial subjects can include affirmative action, abortion, capital punishment, traffic restriction, environmental pollution or any other topic in which you can write down a thesis statement as well as its opposite.
The topic, basically, should be an unsolved problem. You must choose your own position, taking into account real facts that support it. Do not appeal to the reader’s feelings or beliefs but base your whole essay on logic and reason. For example, you can’t support death penalty by saying “the bad guys don’t deserve to live”, but you can provide actual facts on how much money from taxes is spent in keeping them alive while it could be used in hospitals or education.
Before actually starting to write, do a research and be well informed about your topic. You should provide the reader with the opposing argument as well, in order to refute it with evidence and examples that support your own statement.

Organizing your work

As in any written assignment, it is fundamental to organize properly the essay. Include an introduction, which should capture the reader’s attention and state clearly your point of view. Present the points that support your opinion in the body paragraphs of the essay, focusing each paragraph on one specific point. Make sure that you provide evidence to support each point. Then you should include an opposing view, which will be refuted. The conclusion should leave the reader persuaded and connected to your perspective. Visit our site to avoid following bad essay examples.

How to support your argument

The best means of persuading are definitely facts. You must obtain them from reading, observation or interviewing experts. Other way to support your argument is using plenty of examples, which make an abstract idea concrete. In order to find them you should read newspapers and books, so a visit to your local library would not be a bad idea. Direct quotes from experts in the topic are other valuable source of information.
Finally, don’t forget to identify the opposite statement’s main points, and eventually prove them wrong. Reductio ad absurdum is a great resource to use in this particular part of the essay.

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