Dissertation Acknowledgments Are Expressions of Gratitude

Students should thank all helpful hands, in their dissertation acknowledgments

Any thesis paper is a publishable document. Hence, students should make it a point to present dissertation acknowledgments for thanking all those who have helped in preparing the document. Although this page is optional, it is morally obligatory on them to mention their acknowledgment and gratitude to all those who helped for making the presentation a success.

Usually, such acknowledgments appear on the page next to the title page. However, various colleges have their own prescribed rules for its writing and page layout. In addition, it is important for the students to remember that their whole paper should follow the essay writing regulations, as prescribed by the College Board. Therefore, they must familiarize themselves with the established essay format rules, like MLA, APA or Harvard and Chicago writing styles to write their research paper, with confidence. However, students should also go through a good  coursework help to understand this aspect of writing a research paper, properly.

In addition, the dissertation acknowledgments are complimentary to the bibliography and works-cited pages, which mention the references of external sources that students used as their help for collecting the necessary information on the thesis topic and its related issues. While the references and other details given in these pages acknowledge the sources that have provided data and facts to the students for compiling the dissertation presentation, the acknowledgment page is for those individuals who have helped students in composing the details.

As the following guidelines would help students to prepare this page, which is optional in most of the cases, they should also go through any dissertation writing to understand the technique of presenting such research based papers and the methods of taking help from other individuals for compiling the complete document.

  • Methods of writing acknowledgments

Although the dissertation acknowldgements page, being optional, can be written in an informal manner, students require making its text interesting and complimentary to those, whose names are mentioned, there in. There are mainly two ways of writing the acknowledgment page. One is to write an essay style paragraph, in which students can mention their special thanks for the individuals and institutions that helped them to compose the dissertation.

While the above method is for those students who have a short list of names for inclusion in the acknowledgment page, any longer list of these names should be composed in the page, by arranging them alphabetically. In addition, students must use bullets or other highlighters to make each mentioned name, as a special one. However, the style adopted by students for writing this page should match with their  assignment writing, completely.

  • Give them a personal touch

Students should mention the names of the individuals and institutions that helped them, along with a few words of personal gratitude that can convey the warm feelings of thanks to the concerned people. In addition, a few words describing the help, which students received from such entities would make it more professional, while keeping intact the emotional warmth.

As there are more tips to write dissertation acknowledgments, students can check for the same at custom essays.

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