Avoid Free Cheat Essays in Order to Stay in College

A cheat essay can jeopardize your career

Cheat essays
You shouldn’t be as naive to think that your teachers and professors will fall for a cheat essay you have handed in. In fact, doing something like that will most likely get you in trouble! This happens because most teachers nowadays are aware of the different ways students can cheat. And you should notice that all those cheat essays you thought you could just download for free and hand them in, pretending they are written by yourself, are easily spotted with anti-plagiarism software. So, if you haven’t ever considered it until today, now you know: never hand in free essays, because they aren’t safe.
Here we will tell you how can teachers discover your cheat and what undesirable consequences you could be facing.

Spotting the cheater

Detecting the student who cheats it’s quite easy for most teachers. As we mentioned before, there is software available for detecting copies in the Internet. So if a teacher gets at least a bit suspicious about your paper, you could be sure they will check it. They have probably read something alike somewhere, from another student who handed it in before you.
And yet, teachers don’t depend on software! Do you, as a student, only get C minus grades? How come you suddenly hand in an A assignment? Then, you must probably be cheating, or at least getting some help. We know it sounds really unfair –isn’t it possible that you are just getting better?- but it is exactly what your teacher may think if you hand in one spotless free assignment you found on some web site.

Facing the consequences

And here comes the bad news: once spotted, a cheat essay will certainly be punished. Every school, college or university has a specific policy regarding this awkward situation. While the first time the student may receive a verbal reprimand and a requirement to repeat the assignment, with a limited mark, the penalties are usually more severe if the cheater repeats his behavior. And then, failure of the course, immediate suspension or even expulsion can also be taken.
So even if you are running out of time, and you believe you will fail the course, don’t risk yourself by handing in cheat essays. After all, you must agree that it is better to ask for an extension (or even taking the course again next semester) than getting expelled. In the worst possible scenario, go for a custom made essay, which will never get spotted.

A final word on essay samples

Cheat essays are good for one thing only: as samples. You may learn from reading them, and take some things as their style, the linking words or the sentence formation. They can provide you with essay titles may even get you inspired for writing your own work. So don’t be afraid of searching the web for samples, as long as you keep considering samples. Nothing else.

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