Don’t Take your Chances on Free Assignments

Why a free assignment is not the solution

You probably have lots to do, otherwise you would not be reading this article trying to solve your dilemma about whether you should use free assignments or not. To make it short: you should better not. And this is because handing in a free assignment seems as the easiest way now, but it will certainly come back as big trouble later.
All teachers nowadays are aware of the different ways students can cheat. And every single one of those sample coursework, essays and papers you thought you could just download for free and hand them in, pretending they are your own work, can be easily spotted with very common anti-plagiarism software.
The sad truth is, most of the times (unless you happen to get away with murder) handing a free downloaded text can be even worse than handing in nothing at all. At least if you fail that way, you will be spotted as an honest failure… So, if you haven’t ever thought about it until today, now you know: never hand in assignments for free, not because the moral issue but just because they aren’t safe.

Detecting the student who cheats

As we mentioned before, there is software available for detecting copies in the Internet. A very well-known site is Copyscape, which most teachers already know and use. So if your teachers get at least a bit suspicious about your assignment, make sure they will check it. They have probably read something alike somewhere, from another student who handed it in before you.
And yet, teachers don’t even need software. Do you, as a student, only get C minus grades? How come you suddenly hand in an A assignment? Then, you must probably be cheating, or at least getting some help. We know it sounds terribly unfair –isn’t it possible that we students are just trying harder and getting better?- but it is exactly what your teacher may think if you hand in one spotless free assignment you found un some web site. All teachers are expecting to find some mistakes in your homework. So a 100% perfect assignment may arise serious doubts.

Cheating policy and penalties

School, colleges and universities have different policies regarding to cheating. The penalties are usually more severe if the cheater repeats his behavior. While the first time the student may receive a verbal reprimand and a requirement to repeat the assignment, with a limited mark, more severe punishments as failure of the course, immediate suspension or even expulsion can also be taken.
So, next time you feel tempted to hand in a free assignment, think it again. Why don’t you try writing something which, even if not perfect, is your own work? Finally, you have another possible solution which is way safer: to buy a custom made essay, written in a unique style, specifically for each customer. In that way, it is impossible for the teacher or the institution to prove the link between the student and the essay writing company.

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