Can’t We Just Download Free Law Essays?

How a free law essay can get you in trouble

Free law essays
Do you believe free law essays can be just the answer to your problems? Think again. Because, if you decide to deliver a free essay you downloaded from a random website, your problems are just beginning. Cheating in your assignments can be the last thing you ever do before you get kicked out of college. And so long for your dream of becoming a lawyer! Here we will tell you why you should be wiser than that.

But, how can they tell…?

Do you think your old professors won’t notice that you are handing in a free law essay? Don’t be so naive. They can, and they will. You shouldn’t think that they will fall for a cheat essay you have handed in. This happens because, these days, most professors are aware of the different ways their students can cheat. Think about it, they are lawyers! They daily find themselves in person with liars in their professional life. So, if you haven’t ever considered it until today, now you know: never hand in free law essays (or any other essay for free), because they aren’t safe.

How they can discover your cheat

Spotting a cheater it’s quite easy for most teachers. You probably know that there is software available for detecting copies in the Internet, and so does your professor. So if they got at least a bit suspicious about your paper, you could be sure it will be checked for plagiarism. You only have to imagine the look on their face if they happen to discover your so-called “own” essay has been copied.
Even more, chances are your professor doesn’t depend on software! Do you, as a student, only get C minus grades? How come you suddenly hand in an A paper? Then, you must probably be cheating, or at least getting some help. It sounds really unfair, but it the kind of reasoning professors do when you hand in one spotless free assignment you found on some web site.

The ugly truth

We already established you are likely to get caught if you hand in a free law essay as your own work. Have you stopped to think for a second about the undesirable consequences you could be facing? Since every school, college or university has a specific policy regarding this awkward situation, your punishment could go from something such as a verbal reprimand and a requirement to repeat the essay, to failure of the course, immediate suspension or even expulsion.

The solution: custom made essays

While free law essays are good only as samples, if you feel writing is not your forté and you are afraid you may need to repeat the course, you can still buy a custom made essay. This paper, with intrinsic academic value, will never get spotted, from the moment it is impossible for the teacher or the institution to prove the link between the student and the essay writing company. So go for it!

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