Involve Action Research and Improve the Efficiency of Your Teamwork

Action research-an innovative and modern technique under teamwork

An action research paper involves a paper which works out in problem resolving matters, using teamwork as the main basis of work. It deals with handling a problem and solving it. It involves a close analysis of the problem and interpreting the solution for it. This paper can also be termed as a critical essay, because it deals with the aspects of a particular subject matter.

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An action research paper is generally an action based analytical format of a paper which can be done through analyzing a team’s view on a particular topic. This can be put in either positive or negative point of views of various members of the team and finally it could be summarized into the necessary conclusion.

There are four steps to be followed for writing an action research paper;

Analyzing the problem:

The problem that is considered as the chief matter of concern must be stated in such a format that they must be the problem that every member of the team faces.

Collecting the necessary data:

All the data that is necessary for solving or understanding the problem must be collected in an orderly format, you must cite the words properly to avoid any misplaced words.

Analyze the collected data:

The collected data must be analyzed properly and the necessary notes and other sub-information must be noted down.

Work out the action plan:

Then you have to mention and write in detail what you think will be the action that will have to be taken to solve the particular problem in concern. This requires analyses of various ideas of the different members in the team.

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An action research paper is repulsive in nature it cannot be elaborated like other research papers. It must not contain any extra special things other than the content matter. It must be interactive and lively for the team members. The entire team or colleagues must be involved in this kind of paper.

This type of paper involves a select topic which the team leader or the professor chooses and how the team or students deal with that particular paper. For example, we can see how a group of teachers could handle the problems created by a student. One student let his name is say X, he is not interested in studies and behaves very rudely with his teachers and friends. The principle asks the teachers to file a proper report about X with the help of an action research paper.

This is not an easy task, firstly the teachers must try find out what is the problem with the kid, and secondly they must analyze the problem, and collect the necessary information if they are unaware about the problem or work out solutions for it. Lastly, they must work out an action plan and work according to it, so that they might help the kid face his problems bravely and if possible solve it.

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The conclusion of your action research paper must give a proper solution for the problem. “There is no problem without a solution” keeping this in mind you must derive the best possible solution.

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