Some Ideas for Choosing Assignment Topics

You must find interesting your assignment topic

Writing assignments is not an easy thing. This kind of work requires a previous research, a proper organization of your time, using appropriate vocabulary and keeping your grammar and spelling in an accurate level through a good concentration. But, for many students, that is nothing compared to the main difficulty of all: choosing the right assignment topic. Because, without this basic element, how are you even suppose to start?
In fact, many students find that, after choosing the topic, the rest of the writing assignment seems to get solved pretty fast. If you find yourself in that situation, you have come to the right place. Here we can provide you some valuable tips on how to choose interesting assignment topics. Then, it is up to you to write your own assignment (unless, of course, you need our help there too, in which case we are ready to assist you!).

Choose a topic that interests you

Rule number one: if writing the assignment is boring for you, reading the assignment will be boring for readers. Pick a topic that you find interesting, or at least provokes you some curiosity. And then, no matter what the assignment topic is, focus on engaging the readers as well. Great assignments are easily readable, since they apply to the reader’s interests and display information little by little, combining facts with original examples, and the writer’s own thoughts with opposite points of view and different opinions the reader may have. After all, it is not so much about assignment topics, but about how you manage to make them interesting for everybody.

A broad topic means a superficial analysis

If the topic you have chosen is too broad, then it will require you to deal with too much information for just one assignment. That is why, when trying to respect a certain word count, a broad topic will be quite superficial: you can say many things about this topic, but everything you write will be at a very basic level. For example, when writing about “Main English writers of all times”, your assignment will probably be a long list of names… and not so much else. If you decide to write about “Most important women writers from the late XVIII century”, you will be able to focus your research on Jane Austen and one or two others. The answer, as you can see, is narrowing your topic: that is, choosing to deal with only a part of it. This way your analysis will get deeper into it.

Where to find topic ideas?

There are lots of web sites with plenty of free assignments you can download in a few seconds. Warning! Never hand in a free assignment writing! Cheating from the Internet is very risky, since it is easy to get caught and severely punished. But these samples can bring you inspiration for writing your own material. You can always just copy the assignment topics and then write your own work from that.

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