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As in all academic writings, the format is also a special feature in the essay writing; you have to adhere to the prescribed essay format. You may also need helps from in this regard because many students commit lots of formatting errors and fail to achieve target results. We are the real leader in the market providing the complete papers meeting every of your requirements. But, why we should tell you all these, you can comfortably refer to our essay samples and be familiar with our qualitative aspects.

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 The format is a typical style of writing, typing, printing, publishing, and binding the papers in general terms. It is prescribed by the authority and followed by the students. For the essay, this may include as much as the specific—paper selection, margin, title style, title page, page numbering, space between paragraphs, line spacing (double spaced, single spaced, etc.), indentation, capital letters, bolded text, italicized text, underlined text, quotation marks, style of mentioning other sources, header and footer, etc.

 The below are the sample essay format.

Paper—Good quality while paper (8 ½” x 11”), clean sheet with no perfume, no cologne, or decoration. Text should be printed only on one side keeping the other side blank.

Margins—Either of the special format styles (APA/MLA/Harvard, etc.) or normally 1” (2.5 cm) margin at the top, bottom, right, and left sides. The page number will figure at 1” (1.25 cm) from top side at the right hand corner, flushed to the margin.

Title—At the centre, double-spaced lines if long title, no underline, no italics, and no quotation marks. Capitalized words instead of ALL CAPITAL Letters. Every word should be capitalized, except for the article (a, an, the), conjunctions (because, and, but, etc.), and prepositions (on, over, in, under, etc.). However, the initial letter of the title should always be the capital letter. Double space between first line of the text and the title. If other work is mentioned in the title, this essay format highlights it by quotation marks, underline, or italics. For instance : Comedy Of Manners Reflected in She Stoops to Conquer. We prepare the best essay titles for you.

Header—Header indicating student’s name at the right hand corner with one pace margin ahead of the page number, for e.g. David 10.

Page numbering—At upper right hand corner, flushed to the margin and ½’’ from the top, with consecutive numbering. The Arabic numbers should be used.

Line spacing—Double space insistently.

Indentation—On computer typing, 5 spaces ( ½”) at the starting of new paragraph, consistent throughout the essay.

Paragraph spacing—Quadruple space between two paragraphs.

Title within text—All titles of lengthy works like books (epic, drama, novel, etc.) should be underlined. For instance: The Foul and The Fragrant. But, all titles of non-lengthy works such as newspapers, magazine, journal, book chapter, article, essay, should be mentioned by the quotation marks. For instance : “Book V: Paradise Lost.”

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Thus, the essay format is a mechanism that makes its reading a reader friendly within the established rules. If there is confusion in formatting there can be the confusion in reading also. Give your preference to for any helps in assignment, dissertation, etc.

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