Preparing your Citizenship Coursework

Some tips for your citizenship coursework

Citizenship coursework
Students who take Citizenship will probably be requested to prepare a citizenship coursework or a citizenship essay sooner or later. First of all, you should remember the purpose of Citizenship: it is meant to encourage in every student respect for different national, religious and ethnic identities. It should provide them with the tools that allow them to engage critically with and explore different beliefs, ideas, identities and cultures, as well as the common values in their country, city and school. While studying Citizenship, students begin to realize how their society has changed and is still changing, and to recognize themselves as a part of it, taking responsibility for their world.

Why should I prepare a Citizenship coursework?

Citizenship is not just about repeating what the others have said. This course, by employing different classroom strategies, resources and lessons, is meant to inspire young people to face and discuss moral dilemmas, and to choose a side in front of them. In your citizenship coursework, as in a discussion essay, you are supposed to show that you are able and willing to think about many ethical issues in a sophisticated way.

Some citizenship topics

Citizenship students are supposed to study, reflect upon and discuss different issues, problems and events. For example, crime and justice, politics, human rights, global citizenship, their rights and responsibilities at school, the importance of voting and democracy, war and conflict, Consumerism, the role of international organizations, the legal system of their respective countries, the role of the Mass Media, poverty, racism, immigration, Climate Change, recycling, etc.
While preparing a citizenship coursework, you must express your own opinion based on facts and data, expressing your beliefs in a reflective way.

The concept of citizenship

It may be possible that you need to write an essay based on the concept of citizenship. What does it mean? What are your rights and responsibilities as a citizen? You may focus your paper in different ways, for example, as a brief historical review (telling how the laws in your country were established), about the importance of citizens to the development of their country, about the citizen’s responsibilities (voting, being involved in the community, etc.) as well as their benefits.

The student as a citizen

When you must identify your own role in the school community, in your city or even in your country, make sure you show in your coursework that you understand your role as a participant, not just as a bystander. After all, you also live and influence your community. Your coursework may be based on a whole project (for example, making a campaign about the importance of voting, spending some time in a home for the elderly or organizing a charity event for the poor). Show in such a work that you don’t only understand your rights, but also that you cope with your responsibilities.

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