Good Essay Writing, a Fashion Metaphor

Flash Review of the Argument Essay and Research Essay

Interested in being a fab essay writer? Writing a good essay is like wearing the right dress for each occasion. Choosing the right words, tone, and structure in the essay is as critical as choosing the right material and cut for your body. Each academic discipline has its own guidelines and essay formats so dig up your student handbook and read it! Find here a number of useful informative essay tips
Also read your essay questions carefully because they are as important as party invitations in giving you the heads up on what you need to know to write a good essay. And as different events we go to require different dress styles; different academic disciplines also require different degrees of formality. Hence, you have to understand what is expected of you and how your work will be evaluated. Below are two essay types and their guidelines.
1. Argument Essay – Casual Chic
Why are you being asked to write an argument essay? You have to establish that your position or thesis statement is more relevant and credible than the other positions. The degree of formality in tone depends on the requirements of your teacher.
How to write it? Start with an introduction on why the topic is relevant and how you will tackle the topic. Is there a growing misinformation on the issue? Is the popular view on the topic not based on facts? Include your position on the issue or the thesis statement in the introduction. Next, in the body of the essay, write the arguments or supporting evidence to your thesis or position. Evaluate the evidence. Why is it more credible and authoritative?

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Then write the counter-arguments or opposing viewpoints. This adds more credibility in your paper because it shows that you have analyzed the opposing viewpoints before you adopted your position. Evaluate why the opposing view is less authoritative or convincing.
Lastly, write your conclusion. Reassert your position by writing down a brief summary of your key points and your final evaluation of the issue, which should solidly affirm your thesis in the introduction.
2. Research Report Essay – Formal Attire Please! How is it different from the argument essay? It more rigorous and has a more formal structure. Convention dictates that the tone should not be personal or conversational.
Structure of the Research Report
Purpose of the Paper
What are you trying to investigate or research? Why is it important? If you made any changes in the research proposal you submitted, include them in this section and explain why they were necessary.
Literature Review
Discuss the previous studies made on the subject, the background issues and theories. Was your research initiated to support new theories in your academic field, negate old theories or present your own theory? What methods of research were previously used? Analyze whether the methods were adequate or can be improved?
Describe the methods you used and any changes you may have adapted in your methods during your research. State the reason you chose that method. Also, describe the manner in which you conducted the research.
Write the results of your research. How do they relate with the findings of other researchers in your literature review? Present your evidence from the data you collected to substantiate your findings.
Are your research findings relevant to the purpose of your research? Does it answer your research questions adequately? Or do you see the need to modify your research method in order to come up with more accurate results? What additional research can be made to substantiate your findings?
You must cite all the resources you have used to avoid plagiarism. Usual essay format used in sociology and psychology research is APA.
Include additional data that explains and supports your research. We can produce a great global warning essay for you
Like fashion, a good essay must be tailored to your academic discipline!

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