French Coursework – ‘Bonne Chance’ with your French Coursework!

Tips to Write a French Coursework

A coursework is that which students do as part of their assessment in examinations. Doing a coursework well means a lot of marks. Students are required to do a coursework in many subjects; for instance physics coursework, chemistry coursework, biology coursework, psychology coursework and so on. In that order, comes French coursework too. French is an interesting language. It is the language spoken in the world’s most romantic place, Paris, which is the capital of France. So, no wonder it’s a beautiful language! Before doing a coursework or an article or any work in French, you should admire the language. You must be able to appreciate the beauty of the language. Only when you are interested in the subject, you can do anything well, let alone a coursework!

French is a language that gets easier as you learn to get used to it. Doing a coursework in French is not difficult if you can master the grammar part. The very objective behind assigning you a coursework in French is primarily to ensure that you have learnt the grammar well, if you are clear with the ways to change the verbs and adjectives according the number and gender of the noun and so on. If you are not clear with it, do not hesitate to seek the guidance of your tutor; that’s what he is paid for! Before writing a French coursework, be sure of the basic relative pronouns. They are je, tu, il/elle, nous, vouz, ils/elles. At the basic level, you must be able to change the sentence according the noun. For instance, consider the following sentences.

  • •    Je vais acheter des pommes – I am going to buy some apples.
  • •    Elle va acheter des pommes– She is going to buy some apples.
  • •   Nous allons acheter des pommes – We are going to buy some apples.
  • And so on. The conjugated verb changes with the noun. In the sentences above, you can notice the change in the verb conjugated with the noun. The infinitive form of the verb is “aller” which means “to go”. This verb is conjugated with the pronoun in different ways so as to make sense. These conjugations are fixed. You cannot change them. You only have to get used to them. So, be aware of such pronouns and the correct ways to change them as the noun changes.

    A French Coursework would get much easier when you learn to work with the gender, too. In french, a book (le livre) is masculine, while a car (la voiture) is feminine. We do not know why! But that’s how the language is. As stated earlier, you should just get used to it. There is a clue to find out if something is male or female; many words ending with an ‘e’ are female while the rest are male. But here also, there are certain exceptions. Certain words that do not end with an ‘e’ could also be female. For instance, “benefice” (profit) ends with an “e” but it is masculine. You must be aware of such exceptions.

    Therefore, at the very basic level, all that you have to be careful about is the grammar. Later, when are proficient in grammar, you can try working on improving the beauty of the sentences that you use. So, Bonne chance with your French coursework!

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    • Clifford


      Can you proofread the French coursework I have made? I am not confident my grammar is good enough.

    • Support1

      Dear Clifford!

      We can do that for you. We will be happy to have you as our customer.

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