Higher History Essay: Do’s and Dont’s

Succeeding when writing higher history essays

Higher history essay
It is your turn to hand in a higher history essay, and you are not so confident whether you’ll do it right. One of the things you could do is buying a unique custom made essay that will ensure you a great essay mark. However, if you are considering about writing the higher history essay yourself, at least make sure you avoid some of the most common mistakes…
Here are some things you absolutely must do, and some others you should be careful to avoid.


Focus on the historical facts: Remember that the main purpose of writing a higher history essay is to bring out the facts, which were responsible for the particular event and the consequences, which became history.
Structure your essay is some of these ways: Since every historical event has reasons, your history paper may be focused as a cause and effect essay (for example, Keynesianism was a consequence of the Crack of 1929). You may also choose to write a comparative essay (for example, comparing the Russian and the Cuban revolution). It may be a good idea to outline a discussion essay if you wish to express your own viewpoint about a certain historical fact.
Research: You should always do a proper research in order to support the given information with actual data. Go to the library and investigate the topic you have decided to write about. Remember to look for historical publications and other material that relate to your topic of choice. Such a topic should be well known, as that would reduce your time on finding required information and data.
Proofread your essay: A higher history essay needs plenty of attention in little details, such as years. That is why you should be very specific when writing anything, especially when mentioning a year. Misspelling “1945” as “1954” could cost you high.


Don’t provide just a timeline: We already established the importance of providing the facts. Nevertheless, when writing history essays, every student should try to use their innovative and critical thinking abilities, while analyzing such facts. If you only provide a chronicle of events, a timeline or (even worse) a list of names or years, your essay will be incomplete.
Don’t invent facts: A higher history essay doesn’t require you to create your own story. If you think that describing a day in Abraham Lincoln’s life is going to help you achieve a deeper analysis, think again. Teachers won’t appreciate you writing a historical novel, or something that looks more like a Hollywood script! It is always better to refer to an authentic source while doing the essay as this is not a subject that you can write on your own. While the flow of writing should be in your style, you should never attempt to change the intended meaning.
Don’t extend your descriptions: If you need to stick to a certain word count, and you extend too much in your descriptions, your teacher will deduct that you didn’t put enough efford in the analysis. So try keeping your descriptions to a minimum.

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