An Inspector Calls Essays: Do’s and Don’ts

Common mistakes to avoid in your An inspector calls essay

An inspector calls essays
If you are taking a course on English literature, you may probably have to deal with writing at least one An inspector calls essay. Nevertheless, how to write it well? It is such a common topic, so many pages have been written about it, is it necessary to start all over again? Alternatively, is it possible for you to learn from somebody else’s mistakes?
Fortunately, it is! Here we have collected some common mistakes students tend to make in their An inspector calls essays, and some tips you may find useful.
So keep on reading and find out how can you success in this essay writing. An inspector calls is definitely a great play. However, we understand you are dealing with those awful deadlines, and you don’t have the time to read it now. In case you decide to go for it, here are some tips. By the way, check your DVD store, because there was an adaptation to the big screen in 1954 you may find pretty useful…


Consider the importance of the play: Why is it so common for Literature teachers to ask their students to hand in An inspector calls essays? Because this play -which was written by an English dramatist, J. B. Priestley, in the 1940’s- has become a truly 20th century classic since then. Considered one of Priestley’s best known works for the stage, the reputation of this play has never decayed. So when you write your essay based on this three-act drama, remember that being such a well-known piece, your written assignment is not supposed to be shockingly original but solid, well-based on personal readings and logically sustained.
Do a proper interpretation: Remember to mention somewhere in your assignment that this play is a critique of the hypocrisies of Victorian/Edwardian English society, while at the same time it stands for Priestley’s political principles, that is, socialism. It is an example of the social realist theatre. In fact, many critics have interpreted the conflict between the patriarch Arthur Birling and Inspector Goole as a symbolic confrontation between capitalism and socialism.


Don’t constrain yourself to storytelling: Your teacher has already read the book. If you waste many of your essay paragraphs by retelling the plot, your essay mark will suffer the consequences. On the contrary, your essay should include a proper analysis. Here you are some basic interpretation keys for this play. This way, you could focus your work as a critique essay.
Don’t hand in a free essay: If you honestly can’t make it, do not take your chances on copying any free essay samples from a random Internet website. It is very easy to get caught and receive a punishment, such as a verbal reprimand, suspension or even expulsion! If you decide to buy An inspector calls essays, let it be from a company such as ours, that can provide you 100% original, full quality custom essays.

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