Abortion Essay- The Moral Conflict!

What Does an Abortion Essay Contain?!

The term “abortion” is no longer a clinical term, in fact it is quite familiar among people today. An abortion essay merely talks about topics related to abortion. The essays can of any nature like the descriptive essay, narrative essay, and so on. The essays may talk in favor of abortion or against it or, describe the process of an abortion in detail; it could also include essays that talk about the society’s take on abortion. This is however, a controversial topic even in today’s modern world. In many countries and among various social circles, it is still looked upon as a morally wrong act. But despite all those against this act, abortion was legalized and women were allowed to terminate pregnancy at their will. This raised many controversies throughout the world and fueled the radical feminists to continue their persistent struggle for women’s rights.

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Abortion is still a very sensitive issue and therefore an abortion essay should be written with utmost caution keeping in mind the mindset and perception of the public.

How should an abortion essay be written?

Abortion is perhaps one of the widely debated moral issues today. Therefore it is significant to maintain a degree of protocol when writing on such issues.

An abortion essay in favor of the abortion practice, should keep its focus to the merits rather than criticizing all those against the practice. This is unnecessary as the idea of this particular essay is to merely talk about the benefits of abortion.

However a comparative essay of this kind is permitted to criticize, but only in the last conclusive paragraph of the essay. Such essays normally debate on both sides of the issue and eventually establish the superiority of one over the other. Strong feelings of antagonism and distaste should be avoided while expressing contradictory opinions.

Descriptive essays of this type are written with the main objective of providing some sort of information. It mostly concerns topics of descriptive nature like the recent developments in medicine with respect to abortion, the clinical abortion procedure etc.

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Essays that are strongly written to influence or convince people should have adequate evidence to back it. The evidence may be of statistical nature or even incidents quoted from the past events that could also include history. The more the backing, the stronger will be the influence on readers. Personal experiences and incidents could be included to instill emotion in the readers. But a negative reaction such as anger should not be the target of any writer. The language used can vary from a sympathetic style to that which is vehement depending on the topic of the abortion essay. It can also adopt a factual approach like that used for any sort of technical writing. This would involve figures and statistical records to serve as backing. However the most important point to be remembered, is to write in such a way that is not particularly biased and the objective should be clear and undiluted without hidden destructive motives.

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