What is a Synoptic Essay?

Defining synoptic essays

Synoptic essay
Every once in a while, students who are studying disciplines such as biology or history, may be required to write a synoptic essay. What is it about? Synoptic essays are an overview of the student’s comprehension of any major theme studied in a given unit within the discipline context. Sound challenging, doesn’t it? The truth is, this kind of essay is not simple to prepare, since it must indicate how the student’s understanding of the theme has evolved in time.

What is important in this essay

What the student must demonstrate through this work is their ability to understand the deeper implication of questions regarding the given topic, as well as a proper way to link ideas and arguments and providing supporting details. This kind of essay will typically ask the students to examine “how valid/convincing” is a certain hypothesis: for example, the influence of World War I and II in woman’s emancipation. In order to approach a synoptic essay well, it is a good idea to practice how to organize your themes first. This will make the essay easier to write.
Take into account that, when it comes to synoptic essays, in the context of disciplines such as History, sometimes there is no need to include references, but anyway, you should check this with your tutor.

How to organize a synoptic essay

As in every other essay type, such as a research essay or a critical essay, a proper organization is a must! Every essay should begin with an introduction which includes a brief summary of the whole essay and states your line of argument. After that, you should discuss the importance of the essay theme. Following, there should be a discussion of other secondary themes that are also important to the period/event (in case of a history essay) and compare the significance of these other factors in comparison to the initial factor. After that, you should place your synoptic analysis, and end your essay with a conclusion in where you re-assert your point of view based on all your previous analysis.

Ok, I simply can’t deal with this, can you help me?

Well, maybe you are just not ready to start working on such a complicated thing as a synoptic essay. Or maybe you are running out of time. Or maybe you don’t feel like writing! Anyway, the point is: be careful when handing in an essay you didn’t write. Don’t take your chances downloading a free essay which can easily be spotted and that will surely get you into trouble.
If you can’t write your own essay, you should serious consider buying a custom made paper which will be safe, even if you spend some money it is recommended. Always remember that any time you need help with your essays you can find in us an excellent service, with professional freelance academic writers that can provide you with full quality work. You name it, you get it. Even the most complicated synoptic essay.

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