A Comparison Essay can Discuss Similarities and Differences

Students must support their thesis with external evidences, while writing comparison essay

While writing a comparison essay, students should try to understand the difference between a comparative essay and an essay written for comparing and contrasting two objects. While the comparison only, usually would refer to the description of similarities between the two terms, the compare and contrast essay should essentially explain similarities as well as differences, in equal space devoted to both the features.

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However, students need to describe the significant points that make the two objects different from each other; Therefore, they need to generate a thesis statement for their essay, which would reflect the principal adopted to differentiate between the two entities. For example, if the students were comparing two kitchen gadgets, then the principal of comparison would be based on the specific functions of the selected two devices. Hence, such an essay would require charts, figures and graphs, in support of valid points that describe their functional similarities and differences. In this direction, they should look at a custom dissertation, to understand the aspect of research based writing.

In addition, the comparison essay should also explain about all significant features of the two objects. For example, if students are comparing between two elements in their chemistry assignment essay, then they require comparing separately their physical and chemical properties, along with their performance while reacting with other compounds and elements.

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While the following guidelines would help students in writing their essay in a well-organized manner, students should also go through an  assignment writing sample to understand the skills involved in preparing such an essay.

  • Understand the meaning of comparison

As no two entities are similar in this world, the comparison between two objects is subject to the principal of comparison, being applied in a particular case. However, this is provided in the essay assignment topic question itself. In addition, students can choose the topic, for their comparison essay, as per their liking and compare the objects accordingly. The assignment might list few choices for comparing any given two objects. For example, essay question can pertain to comparing two cars on the basis of their fuel consumption, their prices or technical specifications. Accordingly, students can choose one aspect of comparison and write a descriptive essay featuring all details pertaining to that single feature.

However, this requires that students understand the meaning and method of comparison for writing on such specific topics. Students can go through a  coursework help to understand the importance of writing a topic specific essay.

  • Compare step-by-step

This relates to the body structure of the essay. As students might compare the two entities in stages, it is advisable to give the significant similarities in the first stage and then tackle the differences in next stage. In addition, students should discuss the similarities and differences, of both objects, feature-by-feature, separately. However, this requires students having sufficient knowledge about the objects under comparison, which is possible through a thorough research exercise only.

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In addition, students can also look at custom esays for more information on writing a good comparison essay.

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