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Professional tips on how to manage effective and academically impressive critique papers

Writing CritiqueWriting critique is very important skill as it is impossible to be a researcher not knowing how to evaluate the value of the article, coursepaper, research, etc. Actually critique is used for careful judgment of the article excellency in terms of value for the scientific research, use of methods, etc. Every experimenter or researcher should be good at writing critiques as it helps to develop critical thinking, to use good logical skills and to apply profound knowledge in the field. What is more, writing critique is important for detecting errors and mistakes which may mislead the researchers and waste a lot of their time. Writing critiques the person should focus on many details and be attentive in order not to miss anything.


It is interesting to notice that a critique should contain as many parts as the original paper does. Of course, the evaluated paper should consist of the proper parts and contain proper information. The critiques consists of :
– title
– abstract
– background
– methods
– results
– conclusions

How to choose a decent title

The title should properly represent the whole article, coursepaper, research or study. It is better to use the most precise and relevant words which are applicable to the content of the article, and which properly convey the relationships among the ideas and terms. The title of the critique should convey the same information as the title of the research but using different words. If there are any terms, they should be used as well. For example, when the research is about effectiveness of some methods for constructing the buildings, you should use the name of the method in the title of the critique.

How to write effective abstract

A good abstract should represent the whole study. However, it is better to put only the most important parts of the study. Of course, each part should be represented at least by one sentence. Topic, methods, results and conclusions are key elements of the abstract. All these parts should be described. To sum up, the abstract is a piece of writing which outlines the research to the reader without any need for the latter to read the details.

Background tips

The research should be perspective. It means that validity of the study is at such level that only this particular source is enough to start new research. In other words, the author of the research have investigated many sources connected with his/her study and does not repeat somebody’s ideas.

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