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Perhaps what sets FastEssays.co.uk apart from other custom writing providers is our fearless money-back guarantee. This has been part of our brand of service since day one and we believe that it is essential in our relationship with our clients. If you are not 100% satisfied that your criteria were met, simply ask us and we’ll refund the entire service purchase promptly.


We understand that clients fear risk in entering into contract with an organization operating on an internet based platform. In addition, a number of positive testimonials could not exclusively assuage concerns of trustworthiness. So we are pleased that in our experience our guarantee has contributed to the security and peace of mind of our clients.

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Many companies think that a money-back guarantee on services provided is counterintuitive, worrying that they could be inundated with angry clients if they produce poor results and if they fail to respond effectively. But for FastEssays.co.uk, this fear is unwarranted. We are confident in our product, our output, our capability and our experience. The growing list of satisfied clients is our proof that our work is excellent and our service trustworthy.

According to some accounts, nobody is ever really satisfied. That may be true and we certainly encountered complaints as a result of, say, misunderstanding instructions. But the key here is how to respond effectively. Our experience with unsatisfactory results has not always led to refund situations. In fact, our in-house data demonstrates that less than 1% of our customers have so far made use of this option in the span of six years! Again, FastEssays.co.uk emphasizes that satisfaction is a mixture of several variables starting with quality, professionalism and impeccable customer service. We are constantly encouraging our clients with their experiences on how we work on their essays, dissertations, term papers, coursework and editing and proofreading projects, to provide feedback. This information is very valuable to us. This is one of the bases of our learning in our effort to make our services better than the rest.


People always give glowing references and testimonies when they are happy with a service or a product. FastEssays.co.uk believes that in this Internet age, there is no shortage of discourse in regard to how an organization’s work on essays, dissertations, term papers, coursework and editing and proofreading projects resulted to the positive or negative response from academics. To see what our clients have to say about our work, please go to the Testimonials page.


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