Essay Paper

Essay Paper requires to be organised in Proper Fashion

An essay paper cannot be written and submitted haphazardly. There are many elements which have to be taken into consideration. An essay is graded for not only its content and eloquence in writing. It is also graded on how it is organized and presented. An effective essay should posses all these elements if it is to be effective. A majority of students have little or no idea of how to organize their essay writing. Lacking such understanding of the matter, this is a task which can not be done effectively.

Before deciding upon the method of organizing the content of the essay, they need to find out the assignment requirements. These requirements will direct the student organise few things such as the time allocation, research content and the overall ideas to be used in the essay paper. Having decided upon these factors, the students can move on to the organising of the presentation of essay content.

There are four common methods of organising the material. These methods can be applied to any essay written from the classification essay to the informative essay. These are chronological, spatial, climactic and topical order. These methods can be utilized any way the students see fit. They can try combining the methods or use one specific method. Whichever way selected, all students must have a sound understanding of the requirements of these methods.

Chronological Method

The chronological method is one which is commonly used when writing narrative essay or history essay. Chronological means to organize in the order in which something occurs. Therefore, when writing essays which have a time line involved or an order of occurrence, it is advisable to use this method of arranging information.

Climactic Method

If students have to write a compare and contrast essay, or an argumentative essay, this method is the most effective. The climactic method is a manner for students to organize their essay papers according to their importance. This can be done from the least to the most. The build up to the climax is what should grab the reader’s attention in this method.

Spatial Method

This method will have students organising their essays in a manner which arranges the main points in relation to the physical position. Simply put, the spatial organization method will initially concentrate on the small element and gradually move on to the larger element which in the end will reveal the entire picture to the reader.

Topical Method

This type of method is best suited for essays such as classification, evaluation or analysis essay. This is done by dividing the topic in to distinctive categories. If students are writing an essay about a motor vehicle, they will begin with the engine and its functions and go on to other aspects of the motor vehicle.

By organising and presenting the essay paper in an organized manner it exhibits the students’ skills at essay writing. Therefore, all students must acquire proper knowledge of how to organize their essay papers as per accepted standards.

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