Some key factors to consider in academic essay writing

Often times, students will be presented with different types of essays to write. Every essay given for writing will have some expectations to meet before it has been accepted. In many cases, these expectations are to be met more by the student and not the professor. Below then are a few factors in academic essay writing.

  • Your audience

As a student, the audience whose attention you need to capture are the professors or the tutors who provide these topics for writing. Many students may assume that these tutors have all the knowledge regarding the essay topics at hand. However, there are some expectations which need to be met during writing, which in most cases involve uniqueness.

  • Purpose of writing the essay.

A student needs to know why exactly they are writing the essay. The tutor may have more knowledge than the writer, or this could cut across both ways. Therefore, during essay writing, the student will need to show a great wealth of expertise to ensure that they come up with unique essays, that have new but acceptable information.

  • The structure

Depending on the topics at hand, students are expected to write using some kind of academic essay writing structure. This is called organization. Your audience, who are your tutors already expected you to use a certain kind of format depending on the essay topics they have given you. There being different formats to use in essay writing, what is important is that the structure you use gets to agree with the topic at hand. Having this in mind however does not eliminate the fact that there are those structures that are a must use in essay writing.

  • Style

One style that would completely not agree with an academic written essay is an informal style. There are different styles for different essays. This is because essay topics would differ from one discipline to another, and a tutor would expect that specific styles are used, styles that agree with the subjects of study.

  • The Flow

Flow is very important in essay writing. How you allow your statements flow would either confuse your audience or let them agree with what it you present. In academic writing, flowing connects your ideas in the text completely. As a student, using old information and then after introducing new information is the best way to have a well-structured essay.

  • Presentation

You should not be quick to present your essay, before you have cross checked it. Most academic written essays would have grammatical errors, wrong formats and phrases used in the text. Every student should consider checking again of all these have fallen in place before the final presentation for review.

How to write an academic essay introduction.

Students remain students everyday as long as there is something new to learn. An academic essay introduction is the highlight of every academic essay. A poor introduction does not capture the audience. In most cases, they will not need to read the essay to the end to see what it is you have to present or offer.

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