Personal Statement offers the services of highly experienced writers who can help you write and revise your personal statements so that it reflects your full potential as a university student. Writing personal statement can be challenging. However, it offers you one ultimate advantage. It is a single component in your admission application over which you have a total control. As we choose the themes that could encompass your personal profile as well as the stories that we would decide to pick in order to illustrate them, we are shaping how others perceive your candidacy in the whole admission process. employs several methodologies in drafting our clients’ personal statements. One of these approaches is the model that first develops a short marketing message or “profile” that integrates the key ideas that the personal statements seek to communicate. This profile may be drafted out of the information provided to us such as experiences from childhood, interests, or travels, education, career or community life.

The more details you provide, the better. The idea is to build personal statements around individual stories. It brings us to another strategy called “data mining” for experiences. This method includes communication with the client and even a contrived personal or indirect interview with the customer’s friend or relative, intensive brainstorming and the so-called writing via the stream-of-consciousness approach. The data mining process involve all raw stories and allows for some semblance of weighing and ranking process wherein a core story finally emerges that would form the coverage of your personal statement (as well as secondary essays).

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