Nursing Assignment Essay

Be Knowledgeable About the Profession through a Nursing Assignment Essay

Students who are undergoing nursing degrees will have to write the nursing assignment essay. The job of a nurse requires dedication and commitment. Writing the essay too requires the same amount of dedication to the task. When students are assigned the nursing essay assignment they need to incorporate certain elements such as theory, bed side manners, psychological considerations and patient care etc. into the essay. The assignment is a common one and is one of the ways in which students who are training for this profession learn the theoretical and practical aspects of the job.

This essay may be assigned on any topic as long as it is relevant to the subject of nursing and medicine. Often the nursing assignments are clearly laid out with topics provided for the students. If this is not so, they should be able to select a topic which is relevant to the field being studied. Students should decide on what aspect of nursing they wish to base their assignments on. Will it be about healthcare, nursing ethics, the types of characteristics a nurse should possess or emergency care etc? The topic should be presented in a manner which can impart knowledge to the reader and the essay should be written as if writing an informative essay.

A nursing essay writing assignment could also be assigned in another manner. Students are often called upon to apply their theoretical knowledge into practical scenario. This might requires students to identify certain duties which need to be performed and incorporate these duties into real life situations and write about them. For example, the assignment could be the following. “What will you do in a situation where a gun shot victim is in critical condition and there is no doctor to operate?” This will have to be given a great deal of thought by the student and be written with the application of theory on trauma management and nursing duties on critical trauma situations.

Similar to any other type of essay such as psychology essay or marketing essays, a nursing assignment essay should be written only after thorough research has been conducted. This is an important assignment. Not only will it be reflected on the grade received but also a chance for the students to learn as much as they can on the subjects of nursing. Many people are about to put their lives in the hands of these people. Therefore, it is important for students to know as much as they can on their profession.

A good essay regardless of the type should be written in a manner which conforms to all the rules of writing. For example if students are assigned the nursing essay to be written in the APA or MLA format it should adhere to it. Therefore students should be conversant with different essay formats which will be required right throughout their academic career. Going through sample essay will provide them with the knowledge they need.

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