Informative Essay

Informative Essay should be Relevant to the General Audience

There are many writing methods to be utilized when it comes to writing of essays and other academic papers. The most common essay types include personal essays, analysis essays, informative essays, or argumentative essays. The list however includes many more types of essay writing and each of these types has distinct requirements which set it apart. Developing versatility and competency in all these types of essay writing becomes a key requirement for students who wish to perform well in their academic coursework. One of the most common forms of essay writing is the informative essay.

An essay of this type will educate readers on a subject or topic. This type of essay puts great pressure on students to be knowledgeable of the subject as it is written to enlighten the reader on the subject matter by providing quality information. Students should imagine themselves to be a tutor or an expert on the subject and do the explanations with confidence. The effectiveness of the essay lies in being informative, clear and precise as well as interesting. Even if the topic is an old one, students will have to find new information and present it to the reader. While this essay shares similarities with a  description essay it generally address more technical topics or process topics while descriptive essays are written with more inclination towards creative writing.

The topic is very important to an essay of this type. As students have no idea what the readers will prefer, they need to select topics which generate interest in the majority of the readers. The key is to choose topic areas which generally generate interest. But they should be relevant to the course module for which the essay is being written for.

Writing and essay paper requires thorough and extensive secondary research. To inform the reader with information that is accurate and up to date students need to conduct research from a wide variety of sources. These must be reliable and well respected academic sources which should then be cited as per proper citation style. As many students will obtain their research online, it is important that they ensure the sources which they use are authentic and reliable. Students must ensure that all aspects of the essay are covered through research. They should imagine the questions which may arise in the minds of the reader and attempt to provide adequate explanations of all these issues.

An informative essay must strive to fulfill its main function which is to provide information. This can be done in many ways. First of all, the writer can impart his or her own knowledge in the form of information. Such knowledge he may have been acquired through observations, experiments or personal experiences. Secondly, the information ca be provides from expert sources. These can be presented as testimonies and advice. Otherwise the knowledge can be gleaned from secondary sources and presented to the reader.

The structure of the essay is critical for it to be effective. There should be a good introduction where the students will explain the topic in brief and the key points being addressed. The direction of the essay has to be set by an effective thesis statement. The body of the essay will defend the argument in the thesis statement, with adequate information and evidence. The conclusion will restate the thesis and provide closure to the essay. These are the elements which make the structure of the essay. Applying them to the coursework essays is very important to achieve a professional quality to the essays being written.

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