Marketing Essay

Marketing Essay Should Present Strategies Backed with Justifications

Students doing a marketing degree or having marketing coursework for GCSE or A Levels will be expected to write a marketing essay. In order to write a good essay on marketing, they need to know all the important aspects of marketing. These essay writing assignments are given to expand their knowledge of various marketing concepts. The writer should not only be knowledgeable on the theoretical aspects but be able to integrate them to practical scenarios and make justifications of strategies presented. An essay on marketing should take these requirements in to note in order to be written effectively.

Marketing is a fast evolving subject and students must keep themselves up to date with this field. Reading on industry journals will bring in valuable insights to the current developments in the field and provide students with content that can be used in the essay for justifying various marketing proposals being made. The sources utilized should be properly cited and referenced, usually in Harvard format. The language used when writing the essay, should be formal but with marketing flare. Draw upon the persuasive essay writing skills and apply them to this assignment.

The essay requires students to understand the assignment given and focus on the particular topic outlined by the assignment. As the area of marketing is vast, students will have various topic areas ranging from strategies on market identification, market selection targeting and positioning and the marketing offer. A marketing plan can be an extended coursework essay for the subject where the student must combine many topic areas and provide a comprehensive proposal for launching a new product or service to a chosen market. The 4p’s have now evolved to 7p’s and students must demonstrate their marketing savyness when proposing product, price, distribution and promotional strategies in essays of this nature. There are also the topics related to new product development, marketing research, product portfolio management and product; lifecycle. All other elements of the marketing mix too can be analysed in the critical analysis essay form, backed with valid arguments and evidence drawn from real marketing world.

A marketing essay can also be written in informative essay form. These may elaborate upon a particular theory or a market condition. The essays may also require students to write a persuasive or argumentative essay on effectiveness of a particular marketing tool or strategy over another. Such practices become critical for students when they embark on a career in marketing and would have to justify various proposals they make. In addition to all above, there can be some creative writing requirements in marketing assignments as well. These include ideas related to advertising copy where students can infuse their creative talents to come up with proposal essays that contain innovative and interesting advertising messages and ideas for a product being marketed.

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