Exploratory Essay

Learn More About a New Topic Through an Exploratory Essay

An exploratory essay will simply do as its name suggests, it will explore. Unlike standard essays such as controversial essays or informative essay, this essay will provide students to “learn” rather than to “prove”. And unlike a standard essay where students argue on one point only, this essay will have students concentrating on several key themes or arguments. This type of essay gives the students a learning opportunity, as they are able to deal with topics they would otherwise have not dealt with before.

As with writing any other essay, students need to pick a subject area and a topic for their essay. Selecting interesting topics and ones which are intriguing will enable students to write a better essay. For example, although students may not know much about terrorism, if they are inclined to learn about it, they should select a subject within that area. Therefore, students should select topics which they really want to explore.

An outline is an essential part of essay writing. This provides the essay with a logical progression. Listing down all possible questions which could arise from the topic selected and writing down all the key points relevant to the topic similar to analysis essays or critical essays is the basic rule in essay writing.

The exploratory essay more than most other types of essays requires sound and thorough research. The essay is based on the findings done through research and students must draw information from many sources and diverse sources. These findings should be I incorporated into the essay with appropriateness. The essay should begin with a question which is being explored. This means the thesis statement of this essay will be presented as a question, unlike a thesis statement of a critical analysis or informative essay. The conclusion too, is derived as the essay proceeds. However, it is not a conclusive one. The body of the essay will provide the reader with a number of points and elements of a topic which is unravelled in the exploration process. To improve the clarity of the discussion, the students will have to provide hypothetical and real life examples for all of the ideas which they will write about. An essay of this type should never offer opinions and views on the topic. The purpose of the essay is to provide information in an unbiased manner. A good exploratory essay will answer not only the writer’s questions on the topic but also the reader’s as well.

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