Tips on writing a symbolism essay example

A symbolism essay generally needs a comprehensive structure. In the symbolism essay introduction, a problem must be identified and meaning partially hidden. Facts should then be presented in the form of paragraphs with subheadings for easy reading. This must also be adhered when working on a symbolism essay thesis where chapters could be numbered. Other traditional formatting structure guidelines for essays are then followed to the latter for example having abstract, table of contents, comprehensive review of literature and methods for thesis. For instance, referencing styles must be standardized and consistent. To understand this, we provide some evaluation of some well-known symbolism texts as shown next.

A look into the Trifles symbolism essay

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“Trifles” is a play by Susan Glaspell where symbolism is used to bring more meaning in the play. In this play, Susan talks about a man who was murdered by a woman, the reason being that he was to blame for the woman’s solitude.  The two women characters in the play (Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters), provide a solution to the murder. On the other hand, characters of the male gender that is, the county attorney and the sheriff try to figure it out. Susan uses symbolism to communicate the message that only the women were able to solve the problem and once they were able to figure out the murderer, they kept it a secret to themselves. She attributes the ability of the women characters of keeping the secret to the bond between women.

A good example of symbolism used by Susan in the play is seen when she asserts that Mrs. Wright was going to knot rather than quilt the patchwork quilt. The conversation between the attorney and the sheriff at the end of the play reveals this symbolism. The attorney says to the sheriff, “Well Henry, at least we found out that she was not going to quilt it. She was going to – what is it you call it ladies?” (Glaspell 1300). Mrs. Hale replied, “We call it – knot it, Mr. Henderson,” (Glaspell 1300). From the conversation, it is clear that the women characters knew that Mrs. Wright killed her husband by tying a rope around his neck but they were keeping it a secret to themselves. Karen Alkalay- Gut also asserted, “This image conveys the sense of knotting the rope around the husband’s neck: they have discovered the murderess. And they will not tell,” Smith also adds, “The bond between women is the essential Knot,”  This shows that the ladies had figured out the killer of Mr. Wright, but decided to keep it a secret because of the bond they had with Mrs.

Wright who was their fellow woman. Other symbols are highlighted:
  • The jar of cherries

While the men were gathering evidence in the kitchen of Mrs. Wright, they found her preserves that had frozen and spoilt. On the other hand, when the women were in the same kitchen, they came Mrs. Hale came across one jar of cherries of which the cherries were still in good condition. In this case, the remaining jar of cherries that was still good symbolizes one remaining secret the women were hiding. The secret was vital in completing the prosecutor’s case.

  • The dead canary and birdcage

While gathering some of Mrs. Wright belongings, the women found a birdcage with a broken door and no bird. The women later come across the bird in the sewing machine of Mrs. Wright. The bird was placed neatly in silk with its neck broken. Mrs. Hale states that, “She was kind of like a bird herself- real sweet and pretty, but kind of timid and fluttery,” (Glaspell 1298). The canary on the other hand, substituted the children and displaced the silence of the house. Alkalay- Gut also mentioned that Mrs. Wright “understood her husband’s action as a symbolic strangling of herself, his wife. It is not just because he killed the bird, but because she was a caged bird herself,” When the women found the bird, they figured out that Mrs. Wright murdered Mr. Wright because he prevented her from communicating with others. In the end, by strangling the bird, he strangled his wife. The women related the bird with Mrs. Wright. They felt that Mr. Wright was the murderer for strangling his wife, Mrs. Wright.

From the few scenarios highlighted in the above paragraphs, it is clear that Susan Glaspell used symbolism essay outline to make her play more appealing to the audience. Susan used symbolism throughout the play to highlight the bond that existed between the women. She used several symbols that could only be understood by women. The intention of Glaspell was to pass across the message that there are certain things that women are good at than men. She also communicated to the audience that men do not think the same things women do.

The valley of Ashes is also a symbolic place used by Scott in the novel. It represents the moral corruption that is propelled by the pursuit for wealth without thinking about others. Its main purpose is to highlight the poor in the society who does not have a good place to go. The great Gatsby symbolism essay is therefore a very good example of an essay that makes use of symbols in conveying message to the audience. Going through essays previously done by authors is very effective while writing an example of an essay using symbols.