How to write an essay about Romeo and Juliet story

Romeo and Juliet is a love story based on classical tragedy and fate. Writing an essay on the story involves carefully analyzing and understanding the fundamental elements of the story. It is recommended to first read the play to get an overview of what the story entails. Like any other essay, you should take time to look at the story and identify styles features and themes used in the story. By focusing on the minor parts of the story, your essay will be able to give a bigger picture of the story. There are various topics you can explore when writing a Romeo and Juliet essay. After reading the story, you can decide on the direction of your essay.

When writing the essay use the following simple guidelines;

  • Brainstorm for topic ideas

There are many directions you can choose to go with your essay, Romeo and Juliet ha several themes you could choose to address, including love, friendship, fate and tragedy. Choose a topic that you can fully comprehend and you will be able to write about exhaustively.

  • Write a thesis

Write a thesis statement that states your position on the story; your thesis should be short but straight to the point. The thesis statement will give a peek of what you will discuss in the essay. It should prove what you want to discuss in the essay. To be able to come up with a valid thesis it is important to come up with strong factors from your research that you will use decide your thesis. A thesis statement can consist of interrelated factors however it’s should be clear and easy to understand.

  • Introduce the essay

Give a brief summary of what you will address in the essay; it tells the reader the objective of your essay that you will expand on in the body paragraph. The introduction part should be interesting and lively; it should be able to draw the reader to read the remaining essay. You can introduce a controversy relating to the story. The introduction could start from a broad perspective as it narrows down to the primary objective of the essay. Introduction includes the hook of the essay and a brief background of the essay.

  • Build up the body

The body of the essay constitutes of arguments you would like to make about the story. You could discuss how a theme like love and violence has been portrayed in the essay while using citations for the story to support your claims. You can also state quotes made by Shakespeare to give concrete supporters fact you state. As you develop the paragraph start by stating the topic statement then provide evidence from the play to support your argument. Finally, you can conclude the essay by giving the significance of the point made in the paragraph or give your comment on it. Using connecting words smoothly transition to the next paragraph.

  • Conclude

The conclusion ties up the strands of your essay and gives closure to the reader. Write a few statements to give an overall summary of the essay.

  • Proofread

It is essential to go through your work before preparing for the final draft. Look out for grammar and spelling mistakes. Ensure that appropriate style is used in the essay and the proper language. Misspelling words could diminish the quality your essay

Aside from the themes in the story, you can point out the stylistic features used in the story and the use of irony to project drama and situations. Below are some areas you could analyze in the Romeo and Juliet story;

  • Literary analysis

You can decide to analyze setting and how it’s impact of the story. Literal analysis is based on logical and facts that can be supported by the play of Romeo and Juliet. Literal analysis essays could be factual details from the story you can choose to analyze the theme of love and how it has impacted the story

  • Character analysis

You can choose characters from the play and analyses them in your essay; look at the transition of their personality through the story. Determine how the character traits of some of the characters of the story have evolved from the beginning to the end of the story.

  • Poetry analysis

There are several poems in Romeo and Juliet story you can choose to discuss; research on the content of the poem. You could further discuss the purpose of the poems to the story. Expanding on these poems, you could help the reader understand the in-depth meaning of the poem, and it’s relevance to short story about love.