75 Winning Narrative Essay Topics

Once students are assigned the task of writing a narrative essay; describing their past experiences becomes a priority. In most cases, this is usually not the best idea as thinking about the topic of choice further should be taken into consideration. A carefully-done analysis will not only help you pick the best views but also help to ensure that your argument is well-researched and breathtaking to the reader as well.

This is the core of a narrative essay, and the topic should be able to reflect proper research and writing skills, your development of ideas and writing guidelines, although the latter is not as strictly followed as in the case of other essays, making it an excellent choice for students who have a hard time following essay writing rule.

Tips on How to Select the Best Narrative Essay Topic?

To select the best narrative questions for your piece, be sure to write about what excites you. That is because you can never run short of ideas to write about in this subject. Writing what you like also makes it an easy task, just because you will not struggle to find something that excites you. Moreover, you should ensure you do proper research and organise your material orderly and sort out only the most reliable ones.

A Comprehensive List of Narrative Essay Topics

The following are a few topics that you can write on when it comes to writing a narrative essay. Note that most of them are experience-based topics that require you to explain happenings of an event.

To have a better idea, visualising the series of events, while jotting down some notes will help you arrange them in the right order and keep your work read smoothly. Remember to keep your work original, even while searching for ideas, as a narrative essay is still an academic paper and plagiarism is not a forgivable offence.

  1. A teacher who has inspired me most in life.
  2. The role of clubs and teammates in my life.
  3. The positive and negative effects of living a digital life.
  4. A week off the internet.
  5. Me on social media versus the real me.
  6. How music transforms my thinking and passion.
  7. The music that changes my mood.
  8. Food for the right attitude and mood.
  9. My passion for a better world.
  10. How appearance can be deceiving and how I learned it the hard way…
  11. Act like the Hero you were born to be.
  12. How I acted like a coward without knowing it.
  13. If I could go back into time, I would change…
  14. My first experience living on my own.
  15. The most successful day in my life.
  16. Why I would like to be a movie star.
  17. Being the Batman, I always wanted to.
  18. How I overcame all my fears and chose to chase my goals.
  19. Looking at the achievement of my life.
  20. The most dangerous trip to the woods.
  21. Traveling looking for a change.
  22. Why I believe in Miracles and Magic.
  23. Why I don’t like French cooking.
  24. If I were omnipotent, I would.
  25. If I won one million in the lottery!
  26. If I could freeze the time.
  27. The most beautiful island in Africa.
  28. The most dangerous mammal I kept as a pet.
  29. My president my inspiration and admiration.
  30. The first politician in my talk show.
  31. The one person who has changed my life.
  32. How I changed my worldview after watching historical movies.
  33. Technology that makes the most significant impact on my life.
  34. What l learned from my siblings.
  35. The cost of ignorance and the expense of education.
  36. The one time I was wrong about my best friend.
  37. My little act of kindness and how it changed my life.
  38. What l learned from my youngest brother.
  39. How I made myself count on the Independence Day.
  40. My first relationship back in high school.
  41. The best challenge I have had to overcome.
  42. The guide to living a stress-free life.
  43. How I deal with depression and stress in college.
  44. A world with solutions to common everyday problems.
  45. My little story of inspiration.
  46. How I changed my life using the power of journaling.
  47. The fateful night quarrel with my wife that led to divorce.
  48. An experience being the world’s top athlete.
  49. The most significant risk that changed my business forever.
  50. Keys to loneliness and why I love being alone.
  51. The hardest decision that made my life easy.
  52. The experience I had using vulgar language for a week.
  53. What I have learned reading fictional books.
  54. How keeping a to-do-list kills your productivity.
  55. What happens when you fail to join the college with an ‘A.’
  56. How poor grammar made me lose my job.
  57. Talking about AIDS to little children.
  58. The best prevention of flu in the modern world.
  59. How abortion defines a society.
  60. If I could change anything in history, I could choose…
  61. The first time I saw an elephant and other weird things in the African
  62. The most fearing experience I have ever had.
  63. What I am so afraid to lose.
  64. The best conversation I had in to make in my life.
  65. My first day in high school or college.
  66. Crying over my first heartbreak.
  67. My first teenage friend in high school.
  68. The interview that went wrong.
  69. My experience with my first car.
  70. The most disastrous day in my career.
  71. The happiest day out in my life ever.
  72. Reasons to consider war the worst-case scenario for the nearest future.
  73. How my teenage shaped my college and career.
  74. How I met and overcame my fear.
  75. The reasons why I go to church.

Here Is a List of Common Narrative Essay Questions

To write an excellent essay, there is a lot of questions you should ask yourself. For example, what topic are you going to talk about or write? Your experience and the information you can obtain about the essay.

Here is a list of questions you can have that can help you come up with a stunning essay:

  • Do you have an experience you want to write?
  • How much do you know about the topic you want to write?
  • How can you research your Subject?
  • What is the amount of work you need to write?
  • What is the time required for writing the essay?
  • What is your perspective or point of view on the topic you want to write on, and whether it is positive or negative?
  • What to prefer? Reality and fantasy?
  • What are some of the given guidelines and restrictions on what to write and what to leave out?
  • What are the other relevant experiences that can help you?
  • Who can be resourceful to you when writing?

How to Get Better Narrative Essay Ideas?

Do you want more essay ideas on what to write when it comes to a narrative essay? The best approach to get the best ideas is to think about a time when you were impressed by an experience that made you feel either better or bitter about something or yourself.

That will make it easy to generate a good paper. Often also, students prefer to write about their friends, hobbies or experiences they can compare with, and you can look for a person to discuss and get ideas and more recourses to create a better piece.

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