Narrative Essay

About personal narrative essay

This type of essay is one that narrates a personal experience and is therefore written in the first person. The aim of the essay is to have an emotional impact on the reader. It should consist of several references to emotions and sensory perceptions. Not all students are good at expressing their emotions and experiences. Some may be good at expressing through actions and not through writing. A narrative essay requires the art and expertise of putting emotions in writing and not all students are able to do that.

Students have different talents. There are those who are talented in art and design, some in music, some in literature, some in sciences and others in humanities. Also, there are students who have a passion in literature but are not good in writing. They possess the content but cannot come up with a simple narrative essay story.  The trick is about knowing yourself; what you can comfortably handle and what you’ll need help handling. You can’t be good at everything; even artists may need help in describing their drawings.

Suitable narrative essay about life

A good narrative essay should have an opening that lets the reader know what you will be talking about and its essence. The body of the narrative essay lets the reader know what happened and how you feel about it. The last paragraph concludes on the story and states whether it is a learning experience, an idea or a lesson. The secret to writing an English narrative essay is to record yourself telling the story. It helps you to organize your story and let it flow. You will have an idea of what you are to talk about and the ideas to include in the story. That way, all that will be left will be to organize the ideas in a systematic matter and use transitory words to connect the ideas.

Some of the ideas that can help students to come up with essay topics include:
  • Childhood- there is always something interesting to tell concerning ones childhood years. Childhood memories can be the basis of coming up with an ideal topic for your essay.
  • Experience- considerably, the essence of an essay is to be able to share your experiences in a literal It is therefore important to think about all your life experiences when seeking for a topic for your essay. The experiences can be positive or negative, but they should be captivating enough.
  • Relationships- every human being has close relationships in their life. One can’t miss personal memories of friends, family, and beloved ones. Stories on such people carry a personal character hence are unique idea sources.
  • School years- school life is a path to adulthood. It offers challenges that develop the character of a person. Writing about such experiences presents an original and interesting story.
  • Interests- writing about one’s hobbies is interesting as it revolves around what you are enjoying doing.
  • Morality-the law ethics is an interesting choice to focus on.

There are so many areas that students can write on; the bottom line is to know what you want to write about and have extensive knowledge on the same.

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