MBA Essay

A Well Written MBA Essay Will Ensure Selection of the Applicant to the Program

The MBA essay is written when entering an MBA program. The Master of Business Administration or MBA is a reputed qualification which holds great promise for students when they go on to new careers. MBA holders are considered highly qualified and many employers sort these degree holders out for their companies. Positions such as executive and managerial posts need the applicant to be qualified and should be a MBA holder. This is considered one of the most prestigious post graduate degrees worldwide when it comes to business management discipline.

An admission essay is a requirement when entering the MBA program. Many business schools need to know the student on an academic as well as personal level. There are certain characteristics which make a person suitable for a successful career in management. These include leadership and communication skills, crisis management skills, initiative and more. Through the essay, the readers will be able to assess students’ capabilities in these areas. Therefore, when writing the essay students should ensure that they demonstrate and provide all their qualities suitable to this position.

If students wish to be selected into the MBA program they need to know how to write the MBA essay in an impressive and proper manner

  • This essay is similar to the college application essay. Students have to highlight all their strengths, qualities and skills which pertain to the program. Students should also remember they need to include a few weak points as well. The Admission Officer understands the no one is perfect. Therefore, the essay should not portray a perfect person.
  • Selection of a good essay topic is important. Students should ensure that the topic is original and that they can utilize the topic to discuss the personal strengths and achievements.
  • This essay is written in simple, first person writing style and students may even adopt a narrative essay style if the topic allows for it. Selecting the proper writing style is critical for making the essay an interesting piece to be read.
  • The structure for the essay should be the standard five paragraph essay structure.  This will include an introduction which pulls the reader in with its interesting thesis statement, body paragraphs which elaborate on the key points of the essay and a conclusion which will leave the reader with 100% certainty of the students’ abilities to perform well in the Program.

There are two main objectives when writing the MBA essay. These are to make the essay stand out from all the rest and to persuade the Admission Officer that the student is worthy of being selected into the MBA program.  This essay is a critical element in the selection decision and all students should realize the need for a perfect job in this regard.

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