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Love is a much unknown topic to many, especially students. Most people feel love but cannot be able to express it in words. If you ask students to write a whole page about love, most of them will be stuck at the second sentence because they wouldn’t know what to write; except that it is a feeling that one can’t be able to express. Love poets and authors have a special talent and that is why they are able to come up with several pages on the single issue; love. Students who are not gifted in that area may have a hard time completing their essay concerning the topic

Moreover, students have a lot on their plate and may not be able to do their assignments due to one reason or the other.

For instance:
  • Students with poor level of English. There are students who are from countries that do not recognize English as a national language. Such students usually struggle with both oral and written English language. They may have ideas but the fact that they are not able to express it in a proper and coherent way makes everything hard for them. There is no need to suffer low grades yet you possess great ideas. Simply reach us through our website and let us help you to write a good essay about love.
  • Students who lack time for assignments. Students, especially those in college get involved in very many activities. There are those who are keen on pursuing their talents and those who take part in several co-curricular activities. Also, there are students who take up part-time jobs and those who have families. Such students will definitely not have time to do all their assignments. They need help to complete some of their assignments.
  • Lack of enough knowledge on the topic. As mentioned earlier, not many students can come up with as much as a paragraph on the topic of love. It is a topic that needs critical and careful exploration as lack of that may not make any sense.
  • Heavy workload. Every student understands what a heavy workload means. There is always a certain period during the semester when students are faced with numerous assignments. Some have to spend sleepless nights in order to work on their assignments while some end up submitting their assignments late.
  • Delay in handling the assignment. College students are involved in many activities and thus may keep on postponing working on their assignments. There are also those who have the nature of procrastination especially when they feel that they have a lot of time before submitting their assignment. They get to realize that they have not worked on the assignment when it is too late. They thus have to forgo some activities in order to complete the assignment or spend sleepless nights so as to work on it.

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Love Essay

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