How to analyze madness in King Lear essay

King Lear Essay

King Lear is a tragic story based on mishaps and unforgettable events that befall the main character in the story. Madness is a theme and double paradox used in King Lear story. You can, therefore, analyze theme in your essay by interpreting how madness as being portrayed in the story.  Discuss how the king’s madness that causes him making poor decisions has also created the tragedy befalling him. The King who is a main character in the story is the character who has developed this theme a couple of times in the sample essay. Look deep into King Lear’s phase of madness and how it has impacted his decisions. You could also discuss how the madness of the King balances out his madness with reason.  Poor Tom and the Fool are also characters who act as figures for the theme of madness in the story.

How to format King Lear analysis essay

Writing an analysis essay is slightly different from a critical essay. Analysis essays will focus on assessing the King Lear story whereas the King Lear critical essays look at how the story is structured and how elements are used in the story. However, these two essays are similar in that they are both written on using the third person

  • Preparation

Read through the King Lear story as you analyze the content of the book. Evaluate the book and jot down any relevant ideas that come to mind.  Put down the main ideas that will guide you to develop themes for the King Lear themes essay you can develop.

  • Write your thesis statement.

From the King Lear topics essay select the one you are interested in and are capable of exhaustively analyze. Efficiently express the primary focus of your essay; you could also resent an arguable statement that you can address in your essay.

  • Develop your outline

Create an outline of the areas you will discuss in the King Lear essay and group them in the structure of the essay. Writing your essay gives a laid out plan for your essay.  Organize these ideas in a sequence you will use to discuss each. An outline will guide you through the writing of the essay.

  • Introduction

Your King Lear essay introduction should be effective but also simple. It is what the reader first sees so it should grab their attention. You could start by giving a brief restatement of the purpose of your essay. Interpret the objective of your essay explaining a few statements. Give a concluding statement at the end of the introduction and general comment on the essay.

  • Body

In the body you can discuss the main and sub-concepts in the essay; discuss one main idea at a time each in its paragraph. Begin each paragraph by presenting your claim and support it with examples or quotations from the King Lear essay. The topic sentence that starts off the paragraph should be engaging and directly related to the primary objective of the essay.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion is a review of your ideas in the essay; you can summarize those ideas in a single statement. As you conclude, emphasize on the main theme of the essay.

  • Revision of essay

Take some time and get back on the essay with a fresh mind and go through the essay. Proofread your work and check if your essay is written in the correct tone and the appropriate grammar

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  • Tragedy

This is the central theme of the essay that focuses on the main events on the story. When writing a King Lear tragedy essay, look at how the King in the story faces challenges.

  • Symbolism

Symbolism has also been presented severally in the essay; used to represent various situations in the essay. Using symbolism you can write point out how blindness of the King has been presented in the essay and using factual information from the story write a King Lear blindness essay.

  • Power

Power in King Lear essay is also a major theme in the essay. The origin of most misfortunes is as a result of power hunger for some characters. The King’s pride influenced how he exercised his power and the decisions he made. Power influenced the justice in the story and how some characters were impacted.

  • Family relationships

Family relationship is a theme significantly portrayed in the story. Family relationships surround main themes in the essay like tragedy and deception. The king’s naivety could be sited to come up with a King Lear family relationships essay.