Simple steps on learning how to write an essay

Essay writing is a process that involves both extensive research and a passion if writing. For an individual to be able to write a high achieving essay, it is essential for them to invest both time and dedication to writing the essay. There are essential steps that guide you to answer “how can I start an essay?” some of these steps include

  • Choosing a topicHow to Write Essay

When writing an essay the first thing you should do even before learning “how do you write an essay?” brainstorm to find a suitable essay topic. Essay writing does not limit the topics you can write on and therefore endless topics you can choose from. However, it is essential to select a topic that interests you and you will be motivated to work on the essay.

  • Being creative

Most individuals ask ‘how do I write an essay?’ the answer is simple; be creative. Creativity is a big part of essay writing. Although essay writing involves extensive research, it is also important to have your original ideas. Do not rely only on ideas of other people but also present your ideas in the essay and ensure they are well explained

  • Preparing an outline

Lay your ideas well organised on a paper, and this will help you come up with a basic structure of how your essay will be like. The outline will be a rough sketch of how you want your ideas to follow each other in the essay and how you want information to be organised in the essay make a list of the main ideas of your essay and after each point,  give factual information that explains the main ideas

  • Developing a thesis

Coming up with an essay statement is a significant step in writing an essay. State the objective of the essay this will give the reader an overview of what your essay entails. While writing the thesis ensure you state what point you want to make in your essay.

  • Writing the essay

A few instruction that can get you an answer to how can I write an essay are; when writing the essay ensure the introduction is catchy. The opening should grab the readers attention and heighten their interest to read the whole essay. However for you to write an excellent introduction keep it short and brief; you will therefore directly address the essay question without rambling. In the body clearly, state the main and sub-points of the essay and explain support if each point maintains a smooth flow throughout the essay which makes it easily readable by the reader. Conclude your essay by drawing strand from all the points addresses in your essay.

How do you start an essay with a solid structure?

Many individuals find themselves between a rock and a hard place when assigned an essay writing task. The beginning of the essay is the solid foundation of the essay; it is the part that determines the outcome of your essay. When an individual comes to us seeking help and asking us “how can I start my essay” we advice them to focus on few major parts;

  • Early preparation

Start writing the essays soon as the task is handed to you. An excellent essay does not only involve writing; however, a lot of time should be allocated to the research and come up with a good thesis statement for the essay. Take your time to find out more information about the essay topic. A good essay is one that can answer all the questions the topic poses and delivering content answers to them. You could start by visiting the library or online sources with information on the topic

  • Note down the main ideas of the essay

Take note of all the key points in your research. The main ideas are what form a basis of your essay. The arguments you present in your essay will be directly linked to the main ideas you will address in the essay. Ensure all the ideas are relevant to avoid having unnecessary information in your essay

  • Answer the essay question

Take time to answer the essay question. Use essay guide questions like Who? Why? What? And How? To help you cover all areas of concern of the essay topic. These questions will act as a guide throughout before you even start your essay and ensure you do not go out of topic

  • Build a good vocabulary

As a writer, maintain a good vocabulary throughout the essay; this strengthens your essay. You may ask yourself questions like “how can I write essay in English?” Using a sophisticated language impresses the reader that you are well informed of the essay topic. However, ensure you use the vocabulary concisely and adequately. Keeping it short and precise ensures you do not drag out your points and bore the reader

  • Pitch your essay

Begin your essay with a rich pitch that intrigues the reader to read past the first sentences of your essay. Pay attention to the choice of words most the beginning of the essay. Use words that are clear while at the same time they should sell your essay to the reader.

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