Useful Guide on How to Write an Animal Farm Essay with Topic and Example

Animal Farm is one of the popular classical novels of the 20th century that continues to attract readers even these days. The storyline revolves around animals that viciously rise against their oppressive master but end up under the mercy of tyranny. Written by George Orwell during World War II, the novel is very satirical, and it focuses on the totalitarianism that characterized the Soviet Union.

The book starts with the simple story of an old boar christened Old Major who convenes a meeting and convinces the animals to revolt against the owner of the farm. After the successful revolution, the barnyard animals appear to co-exist peacefully amongst themselves. However, after a twist of events, the pigs, Squealer, Snowball, and Napoleon outsmart other animals and claim the leadership role.

The new pig leaders make promises of equality and integrity to their fellow animals. As time elapsed, the universal principles and ideas that held the animals together were slowly eroded. Everything goes wrong after the supreme leader, Napoleon unleashes terror. The changes that emerge in the farm are a contrast to the communist ideals that fuelled the Russian revolution and eventual ruling by the tyrant.

Writing a literary essay on such a compelling novel may look exciting. But, without great ideas, it will be a time-consuming task. Do you want to learn how to write an outstanding paper on Animal Farm and score high? Keep reading for the brilliant tips and guidelines to apply them in your essay.

What Is an Animal Farm Essay? The First Question to Answer

By definition, Animal Farm essays are aimed at analyzing a particular subject or idea in the novel, develop arguments to explain the observations and lastly outline personal views on the topic. Looking at the tales of fables used to give the animals a human personality, it’s quite evident that Orwell was narrating Stalin’s rise to absolute power in the Communist Soviet Union and his socialist ideologies that went against the spirit of the revolution. Knowing this background information will help not only in the writing process but also in the process of topic selection.

How to Write a Good Animal Farm Essay: Useful Strategies to Apply

Animal Farm novel, is a literary piece. As such, an essay on the book will examine the themes, characters, setting, and the plot. But, what are the attributes of a well-written essay? To write a good Animal Farm essay, you must read the masterpiece attentively to gain an in-depth understanding of the ideas. While reading, note the storyline, flow of language, and the events occurring. Take down the ideas you consider relevant to your topic.

Check the work of critic writers who have reviewed the book. Notice the appropriate formatting style, structure, and language used in their articles. You can then apply the same approach to describe your arguments. Besides, you will have to focus on certain unique features to avoid picking a common subject previously discussed by many other students. A distinctive topic or idea will make your paper stand out among other pieces.

Effective Ways of How to Start an Animal Farm Essay

As the book delves on a historical subject, it will be beneficial to familiarize yourself with the timeline of events between the Russian revolution and Stalin’s dictatorship. The topic you select is determined by the type of essay you desire to focus on. Picking a good topic is one of the initial tasks before writing the paper.

Once you pick on a topic, proceed and formulate a thesis statement that matches with the subject analyzed. As you have already read the book, writing a thesis should not present any problem. Using a single sentence, outline a thesis statement describing the main points and how they relate to the Animal Farm.

How to Structure an Animal Farm Essay: The Rules to Follow

An Animal Farm essay structure will feature a basic structure with an introduction, body, and a conclusion. The only difference is that there is no limitation to the 5-paragraph rule as in the case with other essays. The introduction serves to capture the attention of the audience while the conclusion restates the thesis in a way to provoke actions or thoughts.

How to Write an Attention-Grabbing Animal Farm Essay Introduction

A good introduction of an essay should hook or capture the audience’s attention. The first sentence of the intro is written specially to introduce the main ideas you will discuss in the paper. One way to make the introduction interesting is by starting with a quote from the Animal Farm as a way to convey a captivating idea.

End your introduction with a thesis statement. Make it brief and limit it to just one sentence. A thesis is where you state the significance of the arguments and connection to the ideas found in the novel. It is recommended that you articulate this part well as your claims will always refer to it.

Tips to Write Animal Farm Essay Body Properly

The body section is the central part of the Animal Farm essay. It typically includes three paragraphs that support your arguments, describes an opinion and summarises your analysis. Start the body section with a strong topic sentence. Use it to describe the topic or issues to be analyzed. By doing that, you alert the examiner of what to expect in the following paragraph.

This section will expound on the thesis statement in support the arguments described. To write compelling body sentences, you will have to assume the place of a literary critic. In such a case, you can describe personal views and emotions regarding the topic you are focusing on. However, your opinions should sound objective and not too personal. Besides, the goal of the essay is to convince the reader to adopt a similar stand as yours.

Irrespective of the topic or type of essay you are writing, your ideas and arguments must be arranged in a well-defined flow. By analyzing a subject chronologically, you make the ideas easier to understand. Similarly, you can make the paper look neat and organized by dividing the body into three paragraphs; each one with its topic sentence that supports the thesis statement.

Furthermore, you should avoid stuffing a lot of materials in the paragraphs as this might look messy and disorganized. Be precise and comprehensive instead. Additionally, cite sources for each of the claims made. Besides, you need to fully develop a single idea before you move on to the next one. To indicate a relationship between paragraphs and sentences make use of transition words and phrases.

How to Write a Compelling Animal Farm Essay Conclusion

The conclusion restates the main points or thesis statement to demonstrate your ability to support the chosen argument. In this section, you can also appeal to the reader by creating a lasting impression. Because it’s the last statement that the reader will see at the end of the essay, include there an answer to the questions to guide the tutor in understanding the significance of the analysis.

Write a convincing conclusion is not optional – it’s an obligatory section of any essay. What is more, avoid the common mistake of introducing new ideas in your conclusion. Depending on how strong your points are in supporting the arguments, the reader can decide to disagree or agree with your set of opinions. Finally, proofread your paper to check for grammar and typo errors, and plagiarism.

How to Select the Best Animal Farm Essay Topic? Here’s How!

One of the greatest hurdles to writing a literary essay on Animal Farm is getting a good topic. Although we have different techniques to pick great and unique topics, we have narrowed them down to the most useful ones. All that you need to do it select a particular element like a theme, symbols, characters, or events and develop it into a topic you can discuss in details.

Always choose a topic that is enjoyable to analyze. Ask yourself critical questions during the brainstorming session. What are the most noticeable attributes of the characters? Did the novel end as anticipated? Does the author employ repeated use of specific image, phrase, or literal pattern? These are some of the questions that can help you to come up with unique topic ideas.

Furthermore, the works of literature by George Orwell are full of satire and metaphors. An example is to explore how you can explain the symbolism of pigs. Still, you can focus on the book’s title comparing it with the real message the author was to communicate.

Then it is important to formulate your topic as a question. This will ensure that you remain focused on answering the question in the analysis. If the topic is too broad, it would be cumbersome to analyze it. You can avoid overgeneralization of the subject and focus on a more defined analysis. Lastly, avoid going after topic with scarce materials or sources as you will not be in a position to support your arguments.

A List of Excellent Animal Farm Essay Topics

The thing is that Animal Farm novel gives rise to endless topic ideas. Below is a compiled list of great essay topics on Animal Farm to help you to relate well with the novel’s analysis.

  • The comparison of Snowball’s and Napoleon’s leadership styles in Animal Farm.
  • The real protagonist in the book Animal Farm.
  • The true characters of Napoleon and Jones as depicted in Animal Farm.
  • Boxer’s and Napoleon’s characters in relation to their assigned names Animal Farm.
  • The description of Squealer’s symbolism in Animal Farm.
  • The significance of Boxer in Animal Farm.
  • The correlation between the events in Animal Farm and different social and political systems.
  • The symbol of the windmill and its significance Animal Farm.
  • The comparison between animal’s rebellions with the Russian Revolution Animal Farm.
  • Social manipulation in Animal Farm.
  • The motive of corruption among characters in Animal Farm.
  • Irony in Animal Farm.
  • The use of fables in Animal Farm and their function.
  • The outcome of class divisions in Animal Farm and its correlation with self-centeredness.
  • The direct connection between corruption and power Animal Farm.
  • The motives of totalitarianism in Animal Farm.
  • Boxer’s role in representing workers in Animal Farm.
  • The motive of power and terror in Animal Farm.
  • The events leading up to Napoleon’s absolute control of the farm in Animal Farm.
  • The outcome of Snowball’s leadership in Animal Farm.

Best Animal Farm Essay Questions to Help Get You Started

The themes and literary devices presented by George Orwell have been studied for years and consequently developed into essay topics. Here are some questions that you can apply to write your paper:

  • What are the main ideas behind the statement, ‘All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others’?
  • What is the main idea of Animal Farm?
  • How do the pigs end up being so intoxicated with power?
  • How did Napoleon deviate from the initial socialist ideas of Old Major and Snowball?
  • How different is the state of the animals’ lives under Napoleon as opposed to Jones?
  • How did Old Major’s persuasive speech enable the animals to rally behind the call to rebel?
  • What political system do you think would Orwell approve based on his novel Animal Farm?
  • Which animals represent the main idea of the novel Animal Farm best?
  • Is the novel still relevant today considering it is based on historical events during the Russian Revolution?
  • How is the working class depicted in the novel Animal Farm?

Great Animal Farm Essay Example to Guide You

Are you stuck with writing an essay novel?  Well, to help you get started with the paper, our academic writers have formulated an example to inspire you in the process. Here is the short essay you can read:

As the popular saying goes, ‘The pen is mightier than the sword.’ Unfortunately, very few people realize how relevant the statement is today, and it was 200 years ago when it was first used. It’s a reality that ideologies are more effective in manipulating an individual compared to physical coercion. Words carry more strength to change our thinking, character, or perception than we think. Intelligent people can achieve control over a mass of people without the show of force.

It’s a commonplace that propaganda and half-truths have been deployed widely as a method of altering people’s levels of judgment. In this respect, the use of mind control strategies by the ruling pigs is the epitome of the Animal Farm. By hatching a conspiracy, the pigs exploit the unaware animals into complying with their demands and eventually get caught in a web of authority. As a result, they become subject to the pigs, who, in turn, stamp their power to protect personal interests. The propaganda tool is highly entrenched to ensure total influence on public opinion and in place persuaded the animal to support the cause of the pigs. With such a kind of system in place, the animals receive information from a censored and controlled source.

On the contrary, the pigs can cover their traces of evils and hence rule successfully.  As Napoleon assumed absolute dictatorship, he used lies to distort and damage Snowball’s personal reputation. Moreover, propaganda is enforced as a defensive mechanism to quash dissident while lies are directed at rival as an offensive measure to further personal agendas. Additionally, deceit is another atrocious tool used by the pigs to cement their maxim, ‘All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others’. Following consolidation of power, Napoleon emerges as the undisputed leader of the animal farm. Consequently, more violence and terror follows.

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