A Comprehensive Guide on How to Write a Persuasive Essay

The goal of writing a persuasive essay is to convince a reader to take your side. How can you do that? It is simple – choose a topic that is contradictory enough. Ensure it is specific and appealing to you so you can enjoy writing it. Choose your side critically to demonstrate your perspective and convince the reader of its validity and sovereignty as compared to other points of view. Besides, choose the words carefully to defend your position.

At the same time, pick an argument that appeals to emotions. People rarely argue rationally, which means engaging them emotionally in your point of view is a great way to change their mind easily. Many people become sympathetic when you discuss an emotionally charged topic and may easily support you. No matter in which way they take your position, you will win.

What Is a Persuasive Essay? An Expert Point of View

The quality of your paper depends on your mastery of the subject. Writing academic papers is simplified when you know the assignment requirements. Knowing the scope of your work is the first step to writing exceptional content. Therefore, what is this type of paper?

A persuasive essay is an academic paper that aims at interpreting a specific topic, proving the validity of the writer’s standpoint to the readers, and making them take the same position. To achieve this, ensure you take the most informed viewpoint. Have a valid outlook of the problem and ensure a logical flow of the ideas is attained. Ensure you argue professionally because you have all the points to prove your stance.

The Ins and Outs of How to Write a Good Persuasive Essay from Experts

Writing a persuasive essay is a well-coordinated process where each procedure plays a significant role in ensuring the quality of your paper. Missing one step risks the quality of the entire work. Therefore, it is imperative to have everything you need before you start writing. The point is that students who write their paper in a short time without considering the essential steps, do not deliver good essays.

The pre-writing process helps you to select the right topic. At this stage, choose your position and understand the group of people you are writing for. Do proper research to come up with concrete ideas to make your work outstanding. When you are done with the pre-writing process, you can then outline and order your points properly. When your outline is on point, you can comfortably write your essay without repeating and contradiction yourself.

How to Start a Persuasive Essay and Capture the Reader’s Attention

It is recommended to start with a quote or a fact to pique your reader’s interest. A lot of content is available on the internet and in books, and readers are usually choosy on what to read. That is why mind that the first sentences of your essay may either attract them or put them off. You can also start with a brief anecdote to make your topic notable.

One way to keep your readers thinking and eager to read your piece is by using a rhetoric question. This gives them an opportunity to think about your topic as you draw them to reason with you. You can also start with a broad generalization of the topic and zoom in to your specific point by presenting a counter-argument to make a motivating switch.

A Guide on How to Structure a Persuasive Essay Professionally

Consider drafting an essay structure before you start writing, just as you do with other essays. Just remember that the body paragraphs ought to correspond to the arguments. Do not dwell on your stance forgetting about the counter-argument. Acknowledging the opposing opinions allows you to win the argument graciously because it helps you to discover common ground with your opponent.

Map the integral parts of the essay and find out the kind of evidence to use. Get the right data and the information your opponent is likely to appeal to. When you can map their points, you get stronger points to argue with. Ensure your work is connected from the start to the end.

Persuasive Essay Introduction: How to Capture Your Reader’s Attention

A well-crafted introduction is essential in capturing your reader’s attention. You can achieve this by starting with a hook, which is normally the first sentence that captures the audience’s attention with the purpose of swaying them to your side. As long as it draws your reader to your essay, you have effectively done your work.

Mind that the introduction is the first part of your paper, so make it as appealing as possible. Introduce your topic precisely so that the reader knows what you will be talking about. Present your views by providing factual evidence on how you are going to achieve your purpose.

Use the last sentence of your paragraphs as a transition to the next one. State a specific and focused thesis statement to keep your readers posted on the content of your essay.

Pointers on How to Write a Persuasive Essay Body

One of the important things to note is adhering to the instructions. In this respect, guidelines are not a burden, but rather something that will help you write a unique paper. A writer who follows the instructions is destined to write exceptionally. That is why while writing an essay, ensure every paragraph has a single point. Include facts and references to support your prerogative. Every point you raise to support your claim should lead you and your audience to the arguments. Since your purpose is to make your readers agree with your viewpoint, your goal should be to make them re-evaluate their ideas. However, ensure you do not become confrontational.

What is more, present your points naturally one after another. Many students have great ideas to include in their persuasive essays but lose it by scattering their points so that there is no logical flow. Regardless of the validity of your points, you may not convince the audience because you have not put them in a way that can trigger their imaginative thinking.

A Great Way to Write a Convincing Persuasive Essay Conclusion

The conclusion is not just the last paragraph of your essay – it carries more weight than that. In this respect, many students write in a way that there is no difference between the body and the conclusion. This is because they do not know the purpose of a conclusion in academic writing. The point is that the conclusion makes your reader feel that the persuasive essay is complete with a valid summary.

In this section, you are expected to rephrase your thesis statement and summarize the points to show how you verified your claim. Ensure that the paragraph gives the reader some take away points to think about. A good conclusion will have a recommendation or a call to action to tell the reader what next if they want to get more information about your topic. You can also provide an open question to offer a hint on the direction a reader can take.

Do not try to explain what you have already written. Let everything be just a recap pointing out reasons why you have arrived at a particular conclusion. When you developed a good persuasive essay structure, this will guide you on how to write your conclusion.

How to Select the Best Persuasive Essay Topic? Here’s How!

As previously noted, the purpose of writing persuasive essays is to convince the reader in something. So the first thing is to be specific about what you want to write. This is because various topics are broad, and it is impossible to gather reliable evidence on a broad topic to convince the reader within a short essay. That is why select topics that address a particular problem in society. The topic is the backbone of any paper; therefore, ensure you get it right.

What is more, you can also choose an issue that directly affects human life. Convincing people when you are dealing with their emotions is easy. This is because many people identify with problems that touch their life. Many people desire to take a different course on such issues but lack support. Such a problem will easily capture their attention.

When you have someone’s attention, convincing him or her will not be a problem. Besides, get a well-researched topic. It is because you will not convince them with mere words; you need to have enough facts and supported arguments to change their frame of mind.

Proven Persuasive Essay Topics for Writing a Winning Paper

Here is an example of well-researched topics you can use to write a premier paper.

  • Teachers have to wear uniforms or have a specific dress code
  • Unhealthy food should be sold with warning labels
  • Students should not learn about world religions in public schools
  • Public transport should be free for the elderly
  • A year of public service should be a must for every US citizen
  • The voting age in the US should be increased
  • The death penalty should be abolished
  • Criminals caught red-handed should not be taken to a court of law
  • It is improper for students and teachers to be friends on Facebook
  • Traditional education is much more effective than remote education
  • Marijuana should be made legal for medical purposes
  • Meditation should be included in the school curriculum
  • Sexual education should not be taught in public schools
  • Prisoners should not be allowed to vote
  • Girls should be allowed to get birth control pills without parents’ permission
  • Voting should be made compulsory
  • The government should impose an extra tax on junk food
  • Driving licenses should be renewed every year
  • People with terminal illnesses should have the right to doctor-assisted suicide
  • Teens should have a 9.00 PM curfew

Persuasive Essay Questions to Ask Yourself Before Writing a Paper

Good writers evaluate themselves if they are fit to complete a particular task. If you want to write exceptionally, it is important to ask yourself some questions that will show where you are not fit. The questions will help you know if you can handle the topic. If not, you can change it or do more research. Some of the questions include:

  • Is the topic relevant to the course?
  • What is the purpose of this paper?
  • How should I write it?
  • Who is my audience?
  • What information is perfect for them?
  • How best can I present the information?
  • When should I write it?
  • Is the information sufficient?
  • Do I need professional help?
  • If I need help, where can I get it?

These questions will make the process of the topic selection much easier. If you can answer them easily without struggling, you are good to go.

Persuasive Essay Ideas to Help You Write Your Paper Like a Pro

The amazing thing about the persuasive essay is that you can get ideas to write about from anything. The only challenge is to ensure you have enough evidence to support it. When you get a good idea, coming up with a topic that relates to it is not a problem. For instance, you can also write an essay about the internet, ethics, game hunting, climate change, technology, etc. In this respect, a lot of areas are available. Think of anything that touches a student’s life or the public.

A Good Persuasive Essay Example from Our Expert Writer

Here is an example of a well-crafted persuasive essay.

Why You Should Not Eat Fast Food

Seeing the ever-increasing pace of life in big cities, losing yourself in an overwhelming routine is easy. Having a lot of work to handle may cause you to lack time for satisfying basic needs such as nutrition and sleep. This is probably the reason why fast food restaurants are always crowded although people know the dangers of eating such foods. This essay focuses on the reason why you should quit eating fast food.

One of the obvious reasons is the increased risk of developing obesity. Psychological issues or health issues sometimes cause overweight. More often, regular consumption of fast foods and dysfunctional eating habits results to overweight. According to research, individuals who eat fast food have a higher risk of gaining weight and developing type 2- diabetes than those who do not. According to Lifehacks, not only adults but also teenagers and children are at risk. The index shows that throughout the last 30 years, the rate of adolescent obesity has tripled. It also applies to children and adults.

Other than obesity, you expose your body to dangers. It becomes easy to get kidney disease because fast food is oily and salty. This increases blood pressure, which makes you want to take different kinds of drinks such as soda that are also unhealthy. The food adversely affects your kidney as well as a cardiovascular system because of high amounts of triglyceride and cholesterol found in it. When such fats reach your brain, they may affect your cognitive abilities negatively.

As can be seen, your body does not need fast food, so eating it regularly predisposes you to risks of developing type 2- diabetes and obesity. At the same time, some organs such as the brain, heart, and kidneys suffer massively. That is why do not risk your health, which is far more precious than fast food.

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