How to Write a Classification Essay

Classifying things is a routine part of daily human life, so much that we often do it unconsciously. We classify when we’re sorting laundry, clearing out the trash from our garage or arranging food items in the fridge. When making these arrangements, we always try to follow a logical order or a “pattern of correctness” so to speak that appeals not only to us but to others that interact with the same elements. Classification essays are mostly based on the same premise. They organize, categorize or divide things in a particular order that seeks to explain the nature of things that may otherwise seem normal to a regular observer. This explores shared characteristics and differences and finally brings out a deeper meaning around generalizations that people often take for granted.

While making classifications, you have to adhere to an idea or primary thesis that guides all the categorizations you are making. The thesis statement explains to the reader what the point of these divisions are and how they would benefit from reading your essay. Now that you have an idea of what a classification essay is let’s dive into how actually to produce one.

What Is a Classification Essay? An Essay Highlighting Logical Comparisons

A classification essay takes objects, ideas or people and divides them into categories and shared classes which can show your preferences as a writer, help the reader make a decision about something, or bring out different points of view. While there are unlimited options to choose from especially when brainstorming a topic, you have to steer clear of the obvious. Thus, making categorizations based on such factors as age or gender is not usually advised. Your thesis statement should be effectively narrowed which keeps your essay from deviating into vague points and keeps the discussion centered and lucid.

How to Write a Good Classification Essay

Key to remember when writing a classification essay is that you should sort out things into useful categories. The categories that you choose should follow a single organizational principle, which should be clear to the reader the minute they read your introduction paragraph with the thesis. For example, if you want to write about sports car categorization based on engine output, stick to this principle, but don’t deviate and start making comparisons of saying the cost of the car or the type of fuel it burns. These essays usually take on 3-5 paragraphs. Remember that you will be required to provide examples or evidence that support each categorization.

How to Start a Classification Essay

Brainstorming ideas and choosing a topic is the first step in writing a categorization essay. There are numerous things that you could write about or compare. However, what you ultimately choose should serve some higher purpose of enlightening the reader. Just like a regular essay, you should imagine how you want your work to pan out even before you begin writing. There has to be a solid reason as to why you’re making the categorization in the first place. For example, you might want to make categorization based on “types of football fans.” This may serve to show what kind of fan you are, what kind of fan the reader might be, or what other kinds of fans you might encounter. While writing, you will delve into specific behaviors and peculiarities of these different groups, going beyond just scratching the surface and giving the pros and cons of each group.

A Simplified Technique of How to Structure a Classification Essay

One advantage of these essays is that they have a relatively simple and straightforward structure. It’s usually an introduction followed by body paragraphs containing the different classification types, and the conclusion. The introduction provides the topic of categorization and the context of the discussion together with your views laid out as a thesis, while each body paragraph delves into each of the categorized groups with specific examples. The conclusion wraps up the classification essay structure while reinforcing your initial thesis and views, and ties up the entire discussion together.

Classification Essay Introduction

The introduction identifies your subject to the reader and explains what you are going to be categorizing and the reasons for the division. The motive of the classification should be clear to the reader in this section. Otherwise, they may struggle to understand the point of your writing. The reader will want to know as early as possible why you chose the specific classification or why you chose the distinct shared characteristics. Like any other essay, you should include a hook or an attention grabber that starts out your introduction. For example, “The Red Devils, Blue Warriors, and The Gunners are names that are synonymous with English football, but in the city of London they run as tradition, deeper than religion.” This is an instant attention grabber that immediately makes a reader cognizant with the world of English football interested in the conversation to follow.

Classification Essay Body

Your body paragraphs delve deeper into the classification elements and the criteria. Each paragraph should focus on a single element of the classification, for example, The Red Devils, with a topic sentence introducing the rest of the discussion. The order of the arrangement or presentation should be what makes the most sense to you as a reader and what provides the most logical flow of the discussion. You should also elaborate on the main quality that defines this category, which is drawn from the primary basis of your classification. There should also be an element of comparison that ties up this paragraph with the other categories. You can wrap up your paragraph with a transitional sentence that introduces the next category.

Classification Essay Conclusion

The conclusion summarizes the main points of your essay. You can rehash your thesis and the core of your discussion in a way that lets the reader see your point of view and agree or disagree with it. The normal rules of essay writing apply here too, for example, keep it brief and succinct, and don’t introduce any points that were not previously discussed.

Need to Know How to Select the Best Classification Essay Topic? Start Here

One of the most challenging parts about starting out these essays is choosing a topic to work on. That’s because there are countless things to write about and discuss. While choosing a topic, you should go for clarity in the ultimate presentation, and you should strive to ensure that you can make and follow up on logical connections with the different categories. The topic that you choose should be balanced; try to steer clear of categorizations that may require too fine details or those that require too long definitions which may ultimately imbalance your writing. Once you get the right groups for classification, your ideas will ultimately fall into place, and you can make clear presentations. The topic that you choose should have categories that clearly relate to each other in some fashion. Avoid going for generalizations that may make it difficult for you to focus your writing or may make your writing vague and unclear to your reader.

20 Great Classification Essay Topics That Cover Contemporary Spheres

Because of how numerous topics in a classification essay can get, students may find it difficult to find content to write about, after all, most of the subjects are everyday things that we interact with mostly unconsciously. You may find it easier to write about things that you have an interest in, rather than subjects you’ve barely broached. You can also go for topics that have some relevance to some aspect of society, or those themes which have data and information in the public domain. This will not only make your presentation more interesting but will also establish the quality evidence that you present.

Below are 20 unique topics that you can choose from and which cut across various disciplinary spheres:

  1. Classification of the three biggest emerging economies in Eastern Europe
  2. Countries categorized according to GDP the quality of life
  3. Types of teachers and their effectiveness in the learning environment
  4. Foundation types and what to choose for weak soils
  5. Three types of heroes in Greek mythology
  6. Four ways in which most people react to danger
  7. Types of exercise for people with diabetes
  8. Different types of country music.
  9. Main categories of people who exercise
  10. The classification of the three types of coaches on sports teams
  11. The three types of music varieties most popular in the Caribbean
  12. The three main types of GOP party members in the US
  13. The four main types of car categories in Germany based on annual purchase percentages
  14. The classification of types of gamblers based on personality
  15. The classification of the main types of injuries that occur in open-plan workplaces
  16. A population to GDP classification of the three biggest economies in South America
  17. The detailed classification of 5 kinds of people on social media
  18. The classification of Shakespeare’s works by genre
  19. The main types of parenting styles
  20. Three main categorizations of New York City residents based on income level.

These are just some of the topics that you can think about.

10 Classification Essay Questions to Start off Your Essay

You can also make use of the following essay questions in case you are finding it difficult to focus or carry out your brainstorming exercise fruitfully:

  • What is the best classification of healthy food groups for diabetic patients?
  • What are the four main types of tourists who visit Paris annually?
  • What different kinds of sports fans have you interacted with?
  • What were the two most popular genres of music in the 1970s?
  • What are the two main denominations in Islam from a geographical perspective?
  • What are the main rapid blood testing techniques approved by the FDA?
  • What are the three types of nurses that you have interacted with?
  • What are the four current alternatives to fossil fuels?
  • What are three different kinds of terrorism?
  • What are four kinds of friends that you’ve experienced?

These are that help students see and think about the world from a different perspective.

5 Great Classification Essay Ideas for Your Brainstorming Exercise

While racking your brains about what to write about, you could make some observations about daily human life and come up with a few ideas.

  • Think about the three main benefits that you get from cardio or the three main ways in which students in your school commute.
  • You could also think about the three best ways to invest money currently.
  • It would be wise to classify the different kinds of hedge funds.
  • For your tech essay, you could classify the three main revolutionary technologies of the 21st
  • Think over classifying modern approaches to the development of the energy

Use This Classification Essay Example Below As a Writing Guide

Now, here is an example which you can use to get a solid idea of what writing classification essays entails:

Three Main Types of People You Meet in a Gym

“The gym is a place of many contrasts. To a first timer, the experience can be a rush of excitement and intimidation, and after the first few sets of your regime be it cardio, an ab workout or a set of crunches, the terrain can quickly shift to humbling, especially when training right beside you is a big, burly, robotic honcho. Naturally, it gets better as you train more and find your own rhythm, i.e. if you stick around long enough till the bitter end. Most fall off along the way only to find themselves a few months or years later and give the experience another try. If you are a regular goer like me, meaning at least 5 days a week, every week, there are a few unique characters and personalities that you are bound to run into.

The “Hulk”

If for a moment you forgot you were at the gym this guy will jolt your feelings right back to reality and have you dripping cold sweats. The Hulk is dedicated to his workout regime, laboring in the gym most mornings and evenings, weekdays and possibly on weekends. They pound on metal like they eat food. The Hulk never smiles at anyone, and they might have a big pair of bootleg “Beats by Dre” headphones menacingly swung on their big shaven craniums to let you know that they are not interested in any conversation. At night, you might find them working as the bouncer at your local club.

The Local Jock

You know, the quintessential athlete with little to give other than their looks and what the opposite sex feels about them? The Jock is every girl/guy’s dream: they wear the latest attire to the gym and are always carrying around a makeup bag and a big bottle of sparkly water to show how fitness enthused they are. They track their calories and watch their waistlines. The worst part about them? Their obsession with mirrors.

The Reforming Overeater

Possibly the most likeable, but also the most disappointing of the trio in terms of consistency. This is likely the person who last visited the gym a few months or years ago, and is now angling for a second shot after they had to go through a new round of wardrobe and the doctor telling them to cut down on the chow. They are always smiling and willing to learn…at first. They reformer is mighty enthusiastic on the first day, but after three sets of planks and twenty sit-ups, it’s back to old ways, and their new gym membership lies stale until the next epiphany.

For me personally, gym and exercise are about refreshment and meditation. While I generally try to strike a balance for the activity, I also appreciate how much fun the experience is due to meeting these different character types every time.

Here, three categories of prominent character types at the gym are introduced by the writer, with the stage for the discussion being set in a light hearted and almost satirical fashion. The writer then presents the three character types, letting readers know what his/her preferences are about the various gym goers. In conclusion, he makes a comparison of his own personality type with the three presented and ends by saying that his experience at the gym wouldn’t be complete without meeting these other personalities.

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