Ethics Essay

Ethics Essay Concentrates on Moral and Normative Issues

Ethics questions morality. This will encompass the good and bad, right and wrong and the normative perspectives held by individuals. Basically, it is the philosophy which deals with human behaviour and the values. There are ways in which people have to do certain things. There are unwritten codes of conduct on how people should behave. Ethics does not necessarily mean following the law. Some laws lack ethics. All these elements have to be considered when writing an ethics essay. Most students think writing an essay of this type is challenging and complicated. However, if students were to master the basics of essay writing in this regard, the task may become lighter.

Ethical perspectives can be written as persuasive essays or as argumentative essays. It can even be written as an analysis essay or an opinion essay. As ethical and normative views of each individual can differ markedly, the writer must be careful in presenting one’s own views on a matter in tactful and diplomatic manner. This will be widely appreciated by the readers even if they are not ready to agree with the normative stance taken by the writer.

Selecting an appropriate topic for the ethics essay can encompass a diverse area of subjects that deals with ethics and philosophy. Topics can be select from fields such as business, moral, marketing, social etc. Topics on ethics have been discussed over and over again. Therefore, students should spend time on making their topic as unique as possible. Topics which can be selected are;

  • Is being ethical a necessary requirement to happiness?
  • Is justice really just?
  • Is animal testing ethical?
  • The fur trade, is it right by the animals?
  • How does one know what is right and what is wrong?
  • Importance of business ethics.
  • Comparison of Islamic work ethics vs, Protestant work ethics
  • Ethical considerations in management research

Writing the Essay

Which ever the type of essay writing is applied in to this assignment, the essay requires evidence to prove the student’s argument. Each paragraph of the essay should include new arguments or points of discussion that are significant to the topic. Everyone has their opinion on what ethics is really about. Therefore, what ever the student feels is his or her opinion should be backed by sound evidence that is well justified. In order to add credibility to the essay students should use quotations from famous personalities that have an ethical presence in the public minds.

If writing an essay of this type is new to students, they should go through a sample essay which will provide them with a better understanding. As an essay on ethics is fairly complicated, such example work can make it easier to understand the requirements of writing such an essay.

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