The areas of essay writing essay guide providers should focus on

There are main parts of the essay writing process that determine the outcome of your essay. Essay guide providers should therefore address these areas when offering extended essay guidelines to their customers


  • Research

Research forms the foundation of the essay; essay guidelines should offer individuals steps they could follow to find an appropriate topic for the essay. The guidelines should point providing mind mapping to come up with ideas for essay topics. Essay guides should also advice individuals on areas where they could seek more information on the research essay topic. Visiting libraries and also requesting interviewers from experts in the subject field are some of the suggestions these guides should make. A good essay is one that is based in factual information which makes the content of the essay relevant and accurate. Research should be a main focus for these essay guide providers.

  • Planning

Planning is the most fundamental part of the essay, the plan you lay out for your essay is what will determine the quality of essay you will have. Put time into planning for your writing. First, outline what you’re going to write in your essay this will lay a foundation for the essay structure for your essay. Logically organise your ideas starting from the significant points all the way down to the minor points. After each idea give a brief explanation elaborating the main points. Arranging your ideas in a logical will give your essay a smooth flow which makes it easy for your readers to understand. A good essay writing guide will point out the significance of planning for the introduction, body and conclusion of your essay.

  • Essay development

An effective essay guide will focus on the effective way of structuring of effective sentences and paragraphs that form your essay. The basis of developing your essay first starts with understanding the question poses by the essay topic. Develop your essay according to a structure that communicated your ideas properly in the essay. An essay should constitute of sentences that have parallel constructs. Guidelines should pay keen attention to the repetition of sentences. Develop your essay using active voice instead of passive as this will strengthen the prose of your essay. As you develop your essay maintain clarity all through the essay to ensure the essay is clear to the reader. While developing the essay avoid vague language. Develop your paragraph beginning with the main ideas and break down the explanation of the sentences to support the main idea. For each of the ideas stated give evidence in support of your point, critical analysis essay all the points you state by interpreting them

  • Writing

How you write your essay is what determines how the reader understand your essay. Maintaining clarity and consistency is the key elements of writing your essay. Present one idea at a time in the essay to avoid messing up your ideas or have an incomplete explanation of each idea. When elaborating each idea use sentences starters to start the presentation of your ideas; this will give the key points of your essay a catchy beginning before presenting your ideas. All the sentences written in the essay should have a purpose and be relevant to the essay topic.  All the sentences should be structured based in providing answers to the questions of the essay. Ensure the writing of Ideas is well organised and specifically stated. Maintain a clear and concrete language they the readers will be able to understand. You could use transitional signals that ease the transition of one idea to the next.

  • Grammar and style

Grammar is a significant part of essay writing that should be elaborated in essay writing guidelines. Using sophisticated language to write essays should be emphasised as the ideas the writer used are relevant to the essay. The language should also be descriptive and intriguing to the reader. Varying the type of sentences used in the essay is also essential as long as the sentences are not too long which makes reading and understanding them a challenge. The style used in essay writing should be formal and punctuation should be done persuasively. You can bridge the parts of your essay using connecting words. Avoid using acronyms but if you do it is safe to interpret all the acronyms used in the essay rather than assuming that the readers will be able to understand the meaning.

  • Editing

An extended essay guide should emphasise on importance of revising the essay once it is completed. Before preparing the final draft of the essay, revise the essay and edit the mistakes made. Check for technical errors and determine if the terminologies in the essay have been used correctly. Rectify the spelling mistakes and improper punctuation and draft the final copy of the essay

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