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In critical essay writing, a text, book, film or other piece of literary work is evaluated, and an analysis and interpretation provided. Different aspects of the text may be the focus of the essay and a broader commentary by a writer or an observer may be needed. Thus, the ability to crucially understand the writer’s perspectives, and the recurrence of certain characters, symbols and themes all contribute to building a successful critical evaluation essay.

Most students don’t have the ability to read between complex lines, and follow the entire plot when it comes to writing such essays. In writing such an essay critical analysis skills are a must. Others don’t have the express talents to clearly articulate their thoughts on such matters. Still, an assignment may require one to cover multiple sources or do a good amount of research. Lack of time is always a big problem for students who have to balance between study, assignments, class, work and other extracurricular activities such as sport. For students in non-native countries, articulating themselves in English is always a major challenge.

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Critical Essay

Sourcing and keen analysis of text is our key to developing an essay that stands out. We first create a draft that aims to outline all the characters, plots, timelines and events that affect the entire text. Research is our biggest asset, and we never pick work from the internet to pass it off as our own. We then create an outline which we forward to the client.

We don’t just focus on primary sources. We check on the author(s), their biases and their past works. We also check on citations, the publication dates and the relevance of the text to current affairs.

Our writing aims to engage your reader from the first sentence to the very last. Our style of writing, our in-depth analysis, our expert presentation and our tone of engagement are all designed to completely lock in your reader and sway their opinion in your favour. We provide an array of resources on our website including samples of completed works and an example of critical essay writing paragraph. Our writers have written thousands of essays and we have a thorough understanding of the correct essay structure.

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