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A controversial essay is more commonly known as an argumentative essay. Unlike other essays which may just require a rewrite of information, controversial essays usually require the writer to take research, evaluate and pick a stand on issues of grave human importance. These essays demand that you do an in-depth analysis of topical issues such as abortion, euthanasia, climate change and stem-cell research. You need to have your facts correct and present your analysis and arguments in a fashion that clearly articulates your comprehension of the topic at hand.

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Controversial EssayAn argumentative essay is built on thorough understanding of facts. You need to be able to back up your arguments and clearly explain the issues, current, past and future revolving around those facts. You need to elaborate trends in these issues. For example, what is the history of stem cell research? What are the current legislations, judicial precedence and public opinion on the issue?

Therefore, before choosing a topic to write upon, assuming your professor hasn’t already provided you with one, think carefully about how much you know about the topic and if you are willing to put enough research on it.

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A controversial essay outline is distinct from other essay types, beginning with a powerful intro and a hook, the background facts and a compelling thesis statement. We make use of facts and only stick to the type of citation technique that you need. Your instruction is key to us developing a perfect document for you. By the time we get to the conclusion, we will have fully refuted your opposition and convinced your reader as to why your perspective is correct.

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