101 Possible Cause and Effect Essay Topics You Can Select


College or high school students may write essays on cause and effect. These papers entail identifying a specific factor and explaining its consequences. The intention is to determine a parallel between the two phenomena. So, pick a topic you understand. You are likely to produce an excellent paper on the chosen subject.

How to Select the Best Cause and Effect Essay Topic You Can Easily Write On?

When you are free to choose a subject for your essay, pick something simple. You are likely to produce flawless work in such papers. Also, opt for a topic that has enough data, and resources. Besides, a very narrow theme will limit your presentation. You may not produce an excellent paper, and this is not good for your grades. Therefore, the following hints will help you search the appropriate question:

  • Pick in relation to your interests: You can write on a personal issue. Still, you can choose a theme that concerns past events, or famous authors. It is for you to identify something interesting.
  • Research the theme: Carry out a study on the background of your idea. Identify if enough data or resources are This process will prevent you from choosing a problematic topic.
  • Determine if the topic is thoughtful: It is not wise to restate the ideas of other people. Pick an issue you can express your perception about it.

Check These Sampled List of Cause and Effect Essay Topics Suggested for You

You can opt for a broad topic, and then narrow it down to a thesis statement. Also, you can decide to generate new ideas for your writing. Nonetheless, below are suggestions for you to write up:

  1. The causes of poverty and its implication of the economy
  2. The impact of upbringing in a poor environment
  3. The effects of diabetes mellitus
  4. The causes of dental caries
  5. The impact of eating too much junk food
  6. The effects of using video games in school
  7. The causes of poor hygiene in one’s social life
  8. The effects of spending money without planning
  9. The impact of authoritarian leadership
  10. The causes of high mortality rates
  11. The causes of teenage pregnancy
  12. The causes and effects of WWII
  13. The impact of environmental pollution
  14. The causes and effects of nyctalopia (night-blindness)
  15. The impact of not preparing for an exam
  16. The effects of using too much fertilizer on farms
  17. The impact of using animals for medical experimentation
  18. The cause and effect of floods
  19. The impact of drought in developing countries
  20. The cause and effect of HIV AIDS
  21. The impact of watching too much TV
  22. The effects of poor education on an individual
  23. The impact of Brexit negotiations
  24. The effects of misusing anti-biotic
  25. The causes and effects of food poisoning
  26. The causes of stress and depression
  27. The impact of over-exercising
  28. The effects of relying on social media for socialization
  29. The impact of smoking cigarettes
  30. The cause and effects of marijuana addiction in Asian countries
  31. The impact of stealing of government property
  32. The impact of high rates of unemployment on the economy
  33. The cause and effect of using technology in commerce
  34. The impact of not voting in an election
  35. The cause and effects of not taking enough sleep
  36. The impact of divorce on children
  37. The phenomena of God: Causes and effects
  38. The impact of not following business ethics
  39. The cause and effects of inclusive education
  40. The impact of the cold war in the European economy
  41. The cause and effects of the trade war between China and America
  42. The impact of not eating healthy food products
  43. The impact of corporal punishment in schools
  44. The causes of YouTube popularity
  45. The effects of Salem witch trials
  46. The causes of hate speech and its impact
  47. Effects of building the Mexican border wall
  48. Cause and effects of a rise of undocumented immigrants in America
  49. The impact of media regulation within a state
  50. The effects of religious intolerance
  51. The effects of the transatlantic slave trade
  52. The cause and effects of building a positive brand image for a product
  53. The impact of advertising to improve brand awareness
  54. The effects of water pollution on the marine habitat
  55. The cause and effects of forest destruction
  56. The impact of the worldwide industrialization
  57. The cause and effects of single parenthood
  58. The impact of using technology for studies
  59. The effects of WWI on the German economy
  60. The effects of not feeding homeless dogs
  61. The cause and impact of high illiteracy rates in developing countries
  62. The effects of failing high school examinations
  63. The cause and effects of a nuclear war
  64. The impact of disobeying government laws
  65. The effects of watching too many movies
  66. The causes of an earthquake and its impact
  67. The effects of democratic leadership
  68. The impact of driving long distances without rest
  69. The cause and effects of road accidents
  70. The impact of allowing children to drink alcohol
  71. The cause and effects of poor health
  72. The effects of living in a poor neighborhood
  73. The cause and effects of social welfare programs
  74. The effects of disobeying your parents
  75. The cause and effects of going to school late
  76. The impact of learning a second language
  77. The impact of not using current technologies in farming
  78. The effects of not brushing your teeth every day
  79. The cause and effects of engaging in violent behaviors
  80. The impact of starting your own business
  81. The cause and effects of doing two jobs at the same time
  82. The cause and effects of teenagers disobeing the law
  83. The effects of dissatisfying customer service
  84. The impact of e-commerce on satisfying the needs of customers
  85. The cause and effects of eco-tourism
  86. The effects of wild-beast immigration in Africa
  87. The effects of taking your child early to school
  88. The impact of not bathing daily
  89. The impact of old age on the family finances
  90. The effects of overworking
  91. The impact of a government shutdown
  92. The cause and effects of ignoring your spouse
  93. The impact of not finishing your assignments on time
  94. The effects of poor reading habits
  95. The effects of reading in a noisy place
  96. The impact of stringent gun control rules
  97. The cause and effects of a sore throat
  98. The impact of believing or not in God
  99. The effects of skipping one meal in a day
  100. The cause and effects of enrolling for a Masters program
  101. The impact of eating fruits every day

Consider these Cause and Effect Essay Questions

In your essay, you will seek to answer a question. The solution will form part of your thesis statement. Well, here are some suggested questions:

  1. What are the causes and effects of childhood obesity?
  2. How does throat cancer impact one’s life?
  3. What are the causes and effects of poor reading habits?
  4. How do ethical principles improve organizational performance?
  5. What are the causes of exam failure, and its impact?
  6. How poor eating habits affect one’s health?
  7. Why is underage drinking unacceptable?
  8. What are the causes and effects of single parenthood?
  9. Why are teachers using technology in class?
  10. Why is immigration a problem in America?

Cause and Effect Essay Ideas to Help You Pick a Topic

When you decide to pick a topic, consider the following fascinating thoughts. They can guide you to select a question you will enjoy writing about.

  1. Focus on current issues affecting the community;
  2. Identify if it is of interest to you;
  3. Determine if you can craft an exciting hook statement;
  4. Find information on the topic from other sources;
  5. Write a thesis statement.

Don’t Miss These Final Steps

Well, the topics are identified. So, pick one and write your paper. But, if you doubt your capabilities, write to us. We can help you, with the task. Remember that you can always rely on our professionals with the task! Order now.