Great Argumentative Essay Topics, Questions, Ideas, and Tips

Many students underestimate the significance of choosing the right topic for their essays. The point is that the topic is an integral part of the grading rubric, and one should understand that the purpose of the whole assignment is to learn how to persuade. That is why choosing the right topic is so important.

In most cases, you should be ready to pick the topic you might not find pleasure in exploring. In this respect, focus on debatable topics that offer many different positions or are contradictory.

In this post, you will find out how to select the best topics for your argumentative essays. You will also discover 85+ excellent ideas for your argumentative essay to get inspired.

How to Select the Best Argumentative Essay Topic? Tips from Experts

On the whole, only by sticking to several core principles will you pick the right topic for your project. The biggest mistake of most students is to select topics that are based on already assumed facts. For instance, everyone knows that there should be some legal punishments for criminals. However, if you make it less obvious and more narrow (e.g., explain why the death penalty is not a valid measure or when sending a person to asylum is the best decision), it can become a good topic.

Some other tips include avoiding controversial ideas that are prone to prejudice. You should also be careful with sensitive topics like those that deal with religion or race. If you choose one of them, try to sound as tolerant and objective as possible.

You should come up with a list of topics based on your knowledge, skills, and passion. Exclude outdated issues first. Recall what you’ve covered during the last couple of classes and think whether there is a related problem to discuss in your paper. Even if you are an expert in the chosen question, you should still use external sources while writing.

Sure, you will have to base your arguments on facts and statistics. Thus, before you choose the particular topic, make sure that you can find enough related literature to defend the argument chosen. Search for the relevant and up-to-date materials on the web and in the library. Under “credible sources” tutors usually mean textbooks, newspapers, journals, scholarly articles, expert interviews, government websites, etc. You should not include any data from open-source platforms such as Wikipedia or Quora. You can recall something found in the social media posts, but do not use and refer to them since they do not serve as credible sources of information.

Once you checked whether you could find enough information on the potential topic, ask your teacher to approve it. It will save plenty of time by preventing you from writing an essay on an irrelevant issue.

List of Argumentative Essay Topics for Students of All-Academic Levels

A topic of the argumentative paper can sound as your thesis statement or claim. It can also sound like a typical essay title. As the first approach is more regularly used in argumentative writing, we will focus on it in our list of topics.

  • Remote learning is just as effective as traditional education
  • People should stop celebrating Halloween
  • Having higher education is not important for being successful nowadays
  • The minimum wages should be increased across the United States
  • Students should receive less homework
  • Paraphrasing the essays of other students is not cheating
  • The cost of education should be decreased in the United Kingdom
  • All educational institutions should be made free
  • Religious studies must be excluded from the list of obligatory school subjects
  • Physical education should be made optional
  • Social networks make people more narcissistic
  • There should be no gap between the wages of men and women
  • The gaming world is sexist
  • Cannabis (marijuana) should be legalized for medical purposes
  • High school students should be allowed to dress the way they want
  • Teachers should wear a distinctive uniform
  • An impressive ad is a valuable piece of art
  • The works of Mark Rothko are overvalued
  • The ancient art is timeless
  • The drinking age should be increased
  • It is the government’s responsibility to control media
  • Human cloning is not ethical or moral
  • Animal zoos should be upgraded
  • People should stop using wild animals in circus performances
  • Prostitution should not be legalized
  • The worst crime ever is a mass murder
  • Satanism should be severely punished in every country of the world
  • Music classes should be made optional
  • Parents must be made legally responsible for the crimes of their children
  • People are too dependent on social media today
  • Clothes reveal the social status
  • Employers should use measures to prevent gender discrimination at work
  • The usefulness of mobile educational apps
  • The death penalty is not the right sentence for murderers
  • Violent video games have nothing to do with aggression
  • Modern asylums are not effective in treating their patients
  • Citizens with mental disorders should obtain disability benefits
  • The property should not be divided equally during the divorcement process
  • Talk shows should be shut down
  • Performances of satanic metal bands should be banned
  • Hilary Clinton would be a better president than Donald Trump
  • The US government should be made responsible for the events of 09/11
  • The maximum acceptable equivalent sound level in residential areas
  • Reading a paper book is better than reading an e-book
  • Song lyrics with the usage of filthy and explicit language should be forbidden
  • Social media websites are addictive
  • Sex education is not appropriate for school curriculum
  • The internet is the greatest invention of all time
  • Law enforcement representatives should not use force
  • Traditional libraries do not make sense nowadays
  • Graffiti should not be considered an act of vandalism
  • The benefits of stop selling alcoholic beverages after 9 P.M.
  • Technological progress has more benefits than pitfalls for the humankind
  • Gay marriages must be allowed everywhere in the world
  • Superman will win in a fight against Wonder Woman
  • Citizens that should be given a legal right to buy and keep the weapon
  • Adding a cooking class to the school curriculum will be beneficial
  • The most effective methods to fight school bullying
  • Making friends with strangers online is dangerous
  • It is not ethical to use surveillance tools to learn more about your spouse
  • Paper money should be replaced with electronic money
  • Minors must not have social media accounts
  • Features of movies that should be banned
  • The client is not always right
  • There is a strong connection between violent movies and mass murders at schools
  • Mentally sick criminals must be sent to jail instead of asylums
  • Modern Hollywood movies do not promote any life values
  • Parents do not have the right to use spy software to control their kids
  • Both parents should have equal rights to see their kids after divorcement
  • Society is not obligated to support aspiring artists
  • All schools should be made public and free in the United States
  • The top universities of the UK should increase the acceptance rates
  • The most perspective profession nowadays
  • Street musicians should not be allowed to play in public places
  • People should be more concerned about global warming

These are great topics from various categories. We have also prepared a list of good questions to cover in your argumentative papers.

10 Inspiring Argumentative Essay Questions

If you choose a specific topic, you should cover it in details with the help of external sources and personal opinion. If you pick a question instead of a claim to defend, you should provide particular solutions or answers to them by the end of your argumentative paper. Here are 10 possible questions for your essay:

  1. What are the cons of watching a movie based on a book?
  2. Why is corruption dangerous in modern society?
  3. Should colleges have dress codes?
  4. Is there too much homework for students today?
  5. Does television of the United States capture American diversity?
  6. When does “borrowing” the ideas of others become “stealing”?
  7. Is it good that pop music is recyclable?
  8. Are most models abnormally skinny and is it dangerous for their fans?
  9. Should the ads of alcohol beverages be banned?
  10. Does drinking a glass of dry red wine per day improve health?

Need Even More Argumentative Essay Ideas or Help? Get It Here!

Perhaps, you are looking for some bonus ideas. Here is what you can also discuss in your argumentative writing:

  • You can talk about the ethical aspects of genetically engineered animals
  • You may think about the benefits that every veteran should obtain
  • You may discuss the obligations of global leaders when it comes to the refugee crisis
  • You may reveal the reasons why rich people should pay more taxes
  • You can offer some effective preventive measures against illegal immigration after observing several studies
  • You can discuss whether “The Simpsons” is a good illustration of a typical American family
  • You may share your philosophical judgments on the polygamy
  • You can list and analyze the causes of the growing number of teen mothers

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