When was animal farm written and published?

Animal Farm is a book written shortly after the First World War and was published in 1945, the story was set on the farm setting, and most activities and scenes of the story are on the farm. The story was written to symbolize the era during the rise of the Soviet Union. The entire story is based on the fundamental principles of communism and the effect it has on society.

When writing an animal farm analysis essay, you focus on interpreting and criticizing the devices used in the story. Analyzing a story is not only giving a general overview of the story but narrowing down your understanding of the story. You can start analyzing the story by looking at elements like themes, symbolism, imagery and allegory and how they have been used in the story.

Guide to writing a George Orwell animal farm essay

Writing an essay on animals may seem effortless however Animal farm is a book layered with extensive literature and thematic development that take much more than reading the book to be able to get a deeper understanding of it. Apart from reading the book, look at expressions and try to interpret the book to your knowledge to be able to write an animal farm argumentative essay. You could also look at other people’s reviews to get an external on the book. All this content comes in handy when writing an animal farm political analysis.

  • First, it is necessary to come up with an animal farm essay thesis that will enable you to state your position on the essay at hand. Give a brief but concise description of the essay. Let your thesis statement be the show stopper for the essay that makes the reader want to know more about what have written.
  • Create an essay outline that will guide you on formatting the essay for you then write the animal farm essay introduction which should address the subject f your essay. The introduction should be catchy and also related to what was stated in the animal farm thesis.
  • The body is where you can present an argument about the essay and provide textual text in support of them. The body is a large part of the essay where you make a statement of the topic essay and present supporting evidence to back it up. You could then conclude the essay and continue elaborating the other points of the essay. Points of your essay could be an idea from the book that gives a better understanding of it including analyzing the animal farm characters.
  • The animal farm essay conclusion is the part where the writer sums up all the main ideas of the essay. It constitutes a general point of view of the whole essay. The conclusion of the story animal farm should present the reader with closure for completion of the essay.

Topics you can choose to discuss your animal farm thesis statement

Animal Farm is a book with content that touches various circumstances in the life of an individual. To be able to understand the book will require one to take time to uncover in-depth information about the book and also learn the deeper meaning of aspects used in the book. Some of the critical factors you could discuss when writing an animal farm essay includes;

Theme analysis

Animal Farm is a story written shortly and concisely with no use of figurative language. It is an insightful book that revolves around issues of equality and political freedom that were a significant problem in the Russian Soviet in the mid-1940s. You could come up with an animal farm argumentative essay that addresses the similarities of the social and political issues that faced Russian and the modern society today. In this essay, you could discuss how inequality, education, and politics have been portrayed in today’s society about the book

Character analysis

There are several characters in the story whose personalities could be interpreted; discuss the characters and how are depicted in the story. Elaborate on the use of satire to compare the animals on the farm to revolutionary government officials. Additionally, state and explain the use of symbolism to compare real persons to animals on the farm.

The narrator’s perspective

Analyze the narrator’s perception of the story, and give your opinion. Look at how the writer uses different styles to portray the significant issues in the story. Discuss the writer’s take on Russian revolution and human nature and how he expressed them in the book. You could also include how the writer uses irony to criticize the hypocrisy and oppression in the society. The writer discusses how illiteracy has impacted the gullibility of people. You could assert the claim of the animal farm analysis or drama essay on the narrator’s perspective.