Fundamental parts of an analysis essay

An analytical essay is an essay that mainly focussed on how the essay was developed; it therefore constitutes the small contents of the essay like the theme of an essay. The analysis essay like other essays is made up of three main parts the introduction, body and the conclusion. These three parts are what form basis of the essay; how you develop these parts is what determines the outcome of your text analysis essay structure.

  • Introduction

The introduction is the starter part of the essay and what the writer first does when they look at your essay. One thing the introduction should be is impressive and catchy to keep the reader interested to read the rest of your essay. Begin with a catchy hook that should both likely and interesting to the reader. Pay attention to the choice of words most the beginning of the essay.  When coming up with your hook first identify your audience and then their point of interest. Using this information you will be able to not only come up with a hook that targets the audience but also an effective hook. A good example of pitching a catchy introduction by posing a rhetorical question to the reader of start off the essay controversial statement related to the essay. Your join should be followed by making developing a thesis statement for your essay. A thesis statement presents your objective for writing an analytical essay. It should state the purpose of the essay and should be followed by evidence that supports it. The evidence used should be factual and relevant to the essay.

  • The main body

The body of the literary analysis essay constitutes of the general make up of the essay; it should be descriptive and elaborate. Choose a suitable format for the essay then begin interpreting and explaining the main ideas of the essay. The arguments you present in your essay will be directly linked to the main ideas you will address in the essay.  Start off each paragraph with a solid topic sentence that gives the reader an overview of what the paragraph entails. Break down the topic sentence into minor parts. These minor parts should elaborate what you stated in the topic sentence. For each claim you make provide evidence to support it; use facts to back up all the information to state. The evidence you provide should be referee back to the topic sentence to show the solid foundation of the point you made. From one paragraph to another you can use transitional words to bridge the ideas in the essay. Smooth flow of the essay will give the reader a chance to effortlessly read and understand the essay

  • The conclusion

The conclusion is the wrap up part of your essay; make a general restatement of the main points you gave in the essay. Conclude your essay in a way that gives the reader a sense of closure therefore makes the conclusion brief. You can restate the thesis statement or given make a comment on the content in the essay without introducing new information in the essay.

When writing an analytical essay, there are several ways you can improve your essay by incorporating some information into your essay. Using textual evidence is an effective way to support your ideas

  • Paraphrase

You could paraphrase someone else’s words by recreating them into your own words. You do not have to list the context of their words by words bit you can come up with your version of the statement to avoid plagiarism case. Use their content but use your words.

  • Summarise

Give a summary of a text that is related to the content of your essay. Condensing relevant information to your points provides the ideas of your essay concrete support

  • Give details

Using specific information gives the reader confidence in your words. Use facts you uncovered from various sources you used. Factual information is a solid back up for your ideas.

  • Brief quotation

You can carefully integrate quotations in your essay; use quotations marks to introduce quotations in the essay. Brief quotations will assist you to illuminate ideas of your essay. The context of your words will be convincing to your audience when using quotations.

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